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03-09-16 | Posted by

Every so often I wake up with a bad case of puffy eyes. If I indulge in salt (think sushi or pretzels or a salt-rimmed margarita) chances are almost 100% that I’ll wake up with a puffy right eye the next morning. I don’t know why it affects one eye and not the other, but short of a side-swept eye-covering hairstyle a la Veronica Lake, I’d usually just ride it out the next day and let it dissipate on its own. I thought there wasn’t much I could do, until I realized there’s actually a lot I can do and pledged to be more proactive about it.

The skin around the eyes is extremely thin and delicate making it the first place on your face to reveal signs of water retention, aging and fatigue. Puffy eyes can happen for a variety of reasons; excess fluid (also known as edema) accumulates from the foods you eat, inflammation, allergies, irritation, and dry eyes. Sleeping with your head elevated helps, drinking plenty of fluids (water – not wine) to stay hydrated and increasing potassium-rich foods in your diet can help.

This 3-step simple solution will have you looking better in no time:

1. Shower up. A hot shower will help drain the built-up fluid from the vessels around your eyes. To make it work in your favor, simply close your eyes and let the water pulsate on your eye area to help stimulate surplus fluids and cause them to move away from this area.

2. Cool off. Post hot shower, apply a cold compress to your eye area to constrict the vessels which will further promote excess fluids find their way out of this area. Sit in an upright position and practice a 5-10 minute on — 5-10 minute off regimen. Repeat multiple times. Cold cucumber slices and cool tea bags can also work.

3. Massage the area. A gentle press and release from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner will help push excess fluid away from the eyes. To avoid tugging this delicate area, it’s important to use an eye gel or eye cream to create slip. Choose one with anti-puff properties and and for best results, keep it stored in the fridge so it’s cool when you apply. You’ll get the added benefit of vessel constriction.


Osmotics Eye Surgery ($68) reduces puffiness and dark circles, as it tightens crepey upper and lower eye lids. Powerful tetra-peptides and other active ingredients go to work reducing fluid build-up, and diminishing discoloration and inflammation while also improving circulation and tightening the entire eye area.



Dr. Hauschka Eye Revive ($35) puts an end to tired-looking, puffy and irritated eyes. It contains eyebright, anthyllis, chamomile and camellia extracts to comfort, and fennel extract to soothe skin and lessen puffiness.




Aveda Botanical Kinetics Energizing Eye Creme ($35) is formulated with coffee bean extract to increase cellular energy thereby curtailing under eye swelling and fatigue. It also contains licorice root, known to soothe skin and diminish dark circles.




All products were provided for review to author. Opinions are author’s own.

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