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Traveling any time can be uber stressful and exhausting. Overbooked flights, high terror alert warnings, new TSA rules, and unexpected weather delays, you can find yourself more drained than ever when you finally do arrive at your destination. A few just-right items on your carry-on and in your suitcase can help keep you bright eyed, radiant, relaxed and healthy so you’ll arrive in better condition than when you left.

Here, how to keep you from needing a vacation from your vacation.


BRIGHTEN & WHITEN EYE-OPENER Dry airplane cabins rob moisture from your eyes and can cause them to become red and irritated. Visine Maximum Redness Relief Formula ($7.99) will brighten and whiten. A drop in each instantly soothes, moisturizes and helps prevent further irritation, thanks to a unique blend of 3 moisturizers that give you up to 10 hours of comfort.


BOOSTING SKINCARE The same dry conditions that are detrimental to your eyes also dehydrate your skin. Moisturizer is key to help prevent moisture loss but if you go the extra mile with a hydrating booster, you’ll guarantee skin stays healthy and dewy. Renée Rouleau Pro Remedy Oil for Air, Land and Sea ($72.50) contains 12 natural oils and potent antioxidants to restore and protect your skin from from any damage. Apply over your usual moisturizer to lock in hydration and reapply every hour while in the air.



THERAPEUTIC SOCKS When up in the air, the inactivity and leg position, combined with low humidity, pressure and dehydration can leave legs swollen, achy and even at risk of developing deep vein thrombosis, a dangerous condition where blood clots form in the veins. You can prevent this by walking the aisle every hour or so and tipping the odds in your favor with special socks. Vim & Vigr’s Compression Socks ($32.95) are especially easy-on-the-eyes and they also feature advanced Gradient Pressure™ knitting technology to improve circulation and increase energy by encouraging the blood in your feet to gently get re-circulated towards your heart where it’s re-oxygenated.


ANYTIME HAIR-REMOVER Slip this in your bag and never be caught with stray hairs again. Yes! by Finishing Touch ($39.99) is a pocket-size hair removal tool that’s safe and gentle on even the most sensitive skin. It features Sensa-Light Technology™ with an oscillating blade that moves against a second stationary blade to safely and easily remove hair without any discomfort or fear of nicks, cuts, razor bumps or burns. Use it on the legs, bikini area, underarms or anywhere else you have unwanted hair.


A TRAVEL-FRIENDLY FRAGRANCE No need to skip your scent when traveling–it’s a great time to discover and experiment with a new scent to see if it warrants a full-size bottle. Tote a small sized travel spray, rollerball or perfume oil. You’ll like Dead of Night Perfume Oil ($55), a sensual, musky unisex scent from supermodel Helena Christensen.

A WAY TO GET YOUR ZZZ’S It’s hard to maintain a proper sleep schedule when traveling, especially when different time zones and extra late night activities play havoc with your ability to nod off. A drop of the aromatherapeutic Essence of Vali Sleep ($18) on your pillowcase will help you relax enough to drift off.

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