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05-11-17 | Posted by

Having worked in the beauty industry for forever, the BITB team get asked a lot of questions about what products we really buy for ourselves, and can’t live without. So we got together to exchange our favorite Spring beauty picks to share with our loyal fans. Hope these work as well for you guys as they have for us.

Stay Gorgeous!

Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear Camouflage Concealer
If you’re looking for amazing coverage for dark shadows and other imperfections, this little miracle in a tube gives a flawless dewy finish. It looks very natural, light and moist when applied, not chalky or thick like many other high coverage formulas. It’s long wearing and at only $31 for a tube, it lasts well and is a true problem solver. I am on my second tube so far and keep one in my bag at all times for touch ups throughout the day. I’m totally hooked!


Caudalie Beauty Elixir
This has been a beauty go-to of mine since I first discovered it over 20 years ago. I love that it’s chock full of essential oils and botanicals so it not only boosts my skin’s radiance, it boosts my mood! I do use it year-round as a toner after cleansing and before applying my serum and moisturizer, but I especially love it in the warmer spring and summer months as an instant pick-me-up whenever I need it and I find that the smaller travel-sized version ($18) comes in very handy for this as I find myself using it multiple times per day. $49 and worth it!

Baby Foot – the Original Foot Peel
In a word (or at least an abbreviation OMFG). Baby Foot is akin to a chemical peel for the feet — and it promises to leave them baby soft (thus the product’s name). The exfoliating extracts line plastic booties to be worn on clean feet. (The main active fruit acid which gently exfoliates the soles, other ingredients replenish lost moisture.) The booties go on easily – even without reading the instructions. It’s that intuitive of a design, and basically impossible to screw up even for a multi-tasking beauty writer/mother. (Cut along dotted line, secure foot with tape, wait one hour, wash the gel off). The package insert says your feet will begin to peel within seven days. By day four, nothing. I assumed it was just another gimmick. Two days later, as I was sitting for a pedicure, I noticed the technician taking a longer time than usual. I looked down and it was as if she was unwrapping a present … my foot. The skin was peeling off with ease. To say it worked, would be an understatement. Both feet peeled according to plan, revealing baby soft feet that are sandal-ready for summer. All for $25.

Exuviance’s Triple Microdermabrasion Face Polish
I couldn’t live without this amazing face finisher, and use it a few times a week because it combines physical exfoliation with professional-grade microdermabrasion crystals, chemical exfoliation with glycolic acid, and enzymatic exfoliation with papaya enzymes. My pores are clear and my skin is smooth and radiant. Price is $72 and results are visible.

Revision Skincare’s Intellishade Original
It has been my go-to tinted moisturizer since my friend Elysa introduced me to it — I never leave home without it! Not only does it provide UVB and UVA protection, but it also moisturizes and fights photodamage. The texture is light and easy to wear for any skin types. The sheer touch is an added bonus! $65.

I’m in love with Susan Ciminelli’s Algae Deep Cleanse ($65). After months of harsh weather, it’s the perfect cleanser for spring. This unique, natural exfoliant contains glycogen that melts away dead skin cells deep within pores, leaving skin feeling smooth and soft. It can be used around the eyes, mouth, neck, and decollete to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

NOTE: All products were purchased by the Beauty in the Bag team.




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