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There is a collective sigh of relief among women who have learned to tame their curly hair, with a little help from the magical hands of Ouidad.  As a woman with curly hair, Ouidad  had a hunch about what was missing in the marketplace. A stylist, salon owner, author and educator, Ouidad  has spent the last 30 years earning a reputation as the “Queen of Curl.” 


What makes curly hair curly? 

The actual growth pattern is what makes hair curly; when the bulb lies to the side of the follicle the hair shaft grows out of the follicle at an acute angle transforming hair into curls.

Women always want what they don’t have when it comes to hair. But what do you tell curly clients who want to go stick straight?

First, I tell them they are out of their minds!  Next, I educate them about why they have curls and the benefits of this gift.  They can have their cake and eat it too – they can leave it curly, they can blow dry it straight, they can look sexy, they can look natural and they can look professional! 

What is your secret for embracing and taming curly hair?

I embraced curls because I am a curly haired woman and struggled with my hair my whole life.  After being in the industry for so long and realizing no one was addressing this issue, I took it upon myself.  I have made curly hair my life’s work, I live, eat and breathe curls.  It’s who I am.

Give us your 3 top tips for keeping curly hair in primo condition?

  1. Get deep treatments on a regular basis – this is the foundation and lifeline for curls.
  2. The less you handle or play with your hair, the better off you are – don’t run your fingers through it or touch it too much.
  3. Let your curls dry naturally, with no heating tools – keeping nature in the hair will keep your hair in nature.

Are you a mom?

Yes, I am a proud mother of two kids – a son and a daughter. 

What’s your favorite bag? 

The Hermes Birkin bag, of course!

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