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01-17-11 | Posted by

Excerpted from www.mypureco.uk

Organic skin care trend ‘here to stay’

“Organic skin care is growing in popularity and “there is no question” that it is here to stay, according to one beauty expert.

Wendy Lewis, founder and editor-in-chief of Beauty In The Bag, said “organic, all natural [and] paraben-free claims” are increasingly being made by beauty brands as consumers take note of what is in the products they use every day.   Rather than making suggestions about which organic skin care products ladies should use, Ms Lewis said “when it comes to green beauty it’s a matter of what should not be in your beauty drawer – parabens, preservatives and other chemicals, dyes, and synthetic fragrances”.  For those “die hard” organic makeup fans, the expert also recommended taking a look at some of the more environmentally-friendly tools now on sale, such as makeup brushes with handles made from bamboo.

Her comments come after research from Mintel found 13 per cent of new hair and skin care products were labelled as paraben free in 2010, up by five per cent on the number making such claims in 2008.”

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