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03-21-09 | Posted by



THE WET BRUSH – I am one of those gals who has to wash her hair pretty much every day. My hair never looks good when I wake up – I mean never. And when I get out of the shower – well, let’s just say it’s one big tangled mess. The Wet Brush was something I discovered on a trip to the UK. It is a pin style plastic brush – looks ordinary enough – but the benefit is that you can use it safely on long, wet, tangled hair without causing damage and pulling hair out of your head in clumps. It also comes in an adorable range of perky colors – of course I have it in black…Designed to be used in the shower, but you can use it anytime. I keep one of these babies in my suitcases at all times so I don’t forget to bring it on trips.

FINAL VERDICT – BOB (BEAUTY ON A BUDGET) –  Costs about $7 – 10, depending on where you get it. Sold at spas and online.

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  1. wewritealot Says:

    I used to brush with a Fekkai brush that cost me a fortune til the pins fell out. Then I found The Wet Brush (mine is PURPLE) and I think I paid $10 bucks and not one pin has fallen out in over a year. Great buy.

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