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02-18-17 | Posted by

Most days, I wake up to the New York Times alerts on my phone telling me that something else in the world has gone horribly wrong. Luckily for us, the hair and makeup looks at New York Fashion Week have not only been pretty and inspiring, but also soothingly consistent. People, it looks like the 70s and 80s are here to stay! The beauty styles at some of our favorite shows included updates on the best of what late 1970s and early 1980s beauty had to offer–think great skin, fun eyes, and pretty, wearable looks for face and hair that will make you feel and look cool. Here are some of my personal favorites:

The makeup on Erin Fetherson’s runway was so pretty, I wanted to cry. Full, clean brows, warm eyes, and barely-there berry lips paired with perfect skin is the look to get you through what promises to be a bizarre spring here in NYC. I often do a similar look for going around the city, and I use Glossier‘s Generation G lipstick and Boy Brow to achieve my look. Kelli J. Bartlett for GLAMSQUAD, who did the makeup for Fetherson’s show, used products by Charlotte Tilbury (another obsession of mine), Koh Gen Do, Skyn Iceland, MAC, Tom Ford, Tarte, and Nivea to achieve this pretty and wearable look. Scroll down for a full product rundown.

Credit – Erin Fetherson

Many designers chose to highlight natural looks like the one pictured above, but some went for a little more drama. It seems that designers took inspiration from David Bowie and other glam rockers, as evidenced by

the hairstyles at Noon by Noor and Cinq à Sept were effortless, textured, and sexy. At Noon by Noor, Mark Hampton used products by Alterna Haircare to achieve this somehow simultaneously sleek and sexy (practicing my alliteration, y’all) look that I would totally try if I had longer hair. Hampton was going for a slightly androgynous look perfect for the modern cool girl. All I know is that I see hair like this around Flatiron and the West Village, where all the pretty people in this city like to congregate.

Credit: Noon By Noor

At Cinq à Sept, Giovanni Vaccaro for GLAMSQUAD used products by Kérastase (le sigh, I love their super-luxe goods) and Baxter to create a look similar to Hampton’s. As Vaccaro shows us, the center part is also on trend, so go with whichever style works better for you! The trick to getting both looks is to keep the top sleek and the midlengths to ends slightly textured. The name of the game is natural and wearable, so don’t overthink these styles when recreating them at home. Vaccaro also had this amazing natural look that I wish I could emulate, but I unfortunately have straight, fine hair that would never hold such curl. For all the hairstyles mentioned above, think lightly texturing products, blow drying with a diffuser, and a one-inch curling iron with a light touch.

Credit: Cinq a Sept

All in all, the fall beauty trends seem to include natural looks with clean skin, warm, lightly smoky eyes, and wearable hair. When there are bold accents, it is either a lip or an eye, never both, and the rest of the face is kept minimal. The minimalist natural cool girl aesthetic continues, and I, for one, am glad, because I cannot contour and bake and strobe to save my life.

Also, as the daughter of a cosmetic dermatologist, I have been trained that good skin is always in so for me SkinCeuticals Physicial Mat UVF50 . Less time spent on makeup = more time eating, fighting the power, and so on, all of which are essential to New York living in 2017.

Credit: Cinq a Sept

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