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02-08-11 | Posted by

Photo credit: NuBrilliance

Home care devices have come and gone – some work and many others are just a nuisance to use and don’t get the job done. But there is a new level of home care devices on the shelves that truly deliver the effects of traditional machines and devices found in dermatologist’s and plastic surgeon’s offices. This category has been exploding with exciting new options for treating acne, fine lines, skin tone and texture, and hair removal. DIY beauty tools can be a lifesaver in between professional treatments or as a vital component of your skincare regimen. They bridge the gap between what you can get at the doctor’s office and what you can do in the privacy of your own bathroom.

Home peels and microdermabrasion systems exploded onto the skincare scene in the 1990s, but these have become more sophisticated and are inching ever so close to delivering the results that you can get from a salon, spa or dermatology clinic. Another advantage is that they can be used safely on the face, neck, chest, hands, and the body. It also boosts the effectiveness of any cosmeceuticals you may be using. After removing the dead layers of skin, your topical products will also penetrate much better – which is an added bonus.

Enter Nu Brilliance – the first and only dual-action home microdermabrasion system that uses a combination of crystal-free diamond exfoliation with suction. This is by far the most sophisticated of any of the home microdermabrasion systems on the market we have found – and we have tried most if not all of them. The Nu Brilliance difference is the combination of exfoliation and suction that gives your skin the kind of healthy looking afterglow that has come to be associated with microdermabrasion.You will feel like your own medical aesthetician!

Nu Brilliance improves skin tone, texture, and elasticity and helps with superficial discoloration. The Fine Diamond Tip is designed for use on the face and neck. The Regular Diamond Tip is ideal for less sensitive areas, such as hands and arms. It is recommended that you use it twice a week – but let your skin be the judge.

Don’t bid your aesthetician or derm farewell – you can still go for deeper skin treatments and use your NuBrilliance in between, or switch off depending on the seasons.

The NuBrilliance™ Professional Diamond Peel Exfoliation Home Kit is $250 at trynubrilliance.com

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