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11-06-16 | Posted by

All beauty mavens want products that make them look good and feel great. Cue Kopari Beauty – the moisturizing skincare product line that starts with 100% pure, organic coconut oil and leaves your skin hydrated, hair smooth and body glowing from head to toe.

Bryce Goldman, co-founder and CEO of Kopari, recognized a strong trend towards new and exotic natural ingredients in beauty products. Searching for the next one, he discovered the amazing beauty benefits of coconut oil. Together with his co-founders, Bryce has worked to build the ultimate lifestyle brand, providing next-level skincare comprised of natural ingredients that enhance the performance of traditional coconut oil.

BITB spoke with Bryce to learn more about his inspiration for Kopari and where he sees the brand headed in the near future. Excuse us while you read on. We’ll be applying this gorgeous product all over our skin.


1. What inspired you to create Kopari? 

During my 20+ years on the wholesale and retail side of the beauty industry, my dream had always been to develop my own product line and brand. I was constantly on the lookout for the right concept or ingredient from which to build around and discovered coconut oil during its rise in popularity in the food and beverage industry. I started to read and hear more and more about the skin/hair benefits of the ingredient which when I had my a-ha moment. I thought that if the performance and benefits were really there, not only would we have an amazing, versatile and natural ingredient to formulate products with, but that we could build a beautiful brand esthetic around coconuts and everything your mind conjures up when you think about them. Once we started playing with formations and realized we improved upon the natural benefits and user experience, I knew we had something big.

2. Winter is right around the corner. What are a few products in the Kopari line to best combat the effect cold winter has on our skin?

The Coconut Melt is the cornerstone of the brand and is a fantastic treatment for all over dry and chapped skin. For even more intensive healing and moisturizing, you can’t go wrong with our balm too!

3. What are you most excited about when you think of the future of Kopari?  

I have to cheat here and give you three:

First is our continual growth of relationship with our customers and fans. I’m amazed at not only the response we have received to our products but also the customer engagement we’re seeing with our brand. I’m excited to watch these relationships grow exponentially in the future.

Another is our new partnership with Sephora. They’ve been an incredible partner so far and I know the future with them is very bright.

Finally, our product pipeline. We have some really exciting and unique launches planned for 2017 that I believe are going to be game-changers.

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