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06-05-16 | Posted by

Marina Peredo splits here time between her Long Island practice and her beautiful new space on the upper east side. She is a laser surgeon and expert injector, and serves as a national trainer for many aesthetic procedures. She is an associate clinical professor of Dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. Dr. Peredo received her medical degree from Mount Sinai School of Medicine. She completed her internal medicine internship at Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center and her dermatology residency at New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center.

Beauty in the Bag asked her to talk about the most coveted age-reversing and body beautifying treatments she does to keep her Park Avenue ladies looking so good.


1. What are the newest trends in aesthetic dermatology that you are most excited about?  

There are so many new trends to be excited about! Millennials are now focusing on skin health and the prevention of signs of age. So they start by protecting their skin with well-researched products and procedures, like medical facials, acne treatments, and neurotoxins to prevent wrinkles from setting in. They are also unashamed to try procedures that will correct asymmetries of the lips with fillers, or defects of the nose which are correctable with fillers in a procedure called the “Lunchtime Nose Job”.

One of the most common areas that clients look to rejuvenate are the dark circles around the eyes. As we age, we lose fat, muscle, and bone structure throughout the face. Fillers with hyaluronic acid are perfect to eliminate the illusion of those dark circles. Another highly sought after treatment is the “Vampire Facial and Lift”, this technology employs a small amount of patient’s blood, drawn and spun to isolate platelet cells, which are then micro-needled into the skin, or directly injected back into the skin for a “lift”. The platelets work on a microscopic level to rebuild the infrastructure of the skin. It works on any complexion and skin tone.

Body Contouring has simply taken off! We now have so many great non-surgical procedures for excess body fat. Double Chins get the option of Kybella® an injectable that eliminates under chin fat, as well as Ultherapy®, an ultrasound procedure that encourages collagen growth, and now Coolsculpting® can freeze the fat in small areas like under chin, at the under arm, and between the thighs. Belly Fat and Love Handles are treated with Coolsculpting® and Ultrashape. This trend appeals to male and female professionals, who want the advantage of a youthful and healthful physique.

And lastly, patients are now realizing the importance of knowing the aesthetic/beauty sensibility of the Doctor who is doing the procedure. “It’s not just what’s in the needle that is important, but who is behind the needle” as I always say. They are becoming better educated in advance of treatments, and that is an advantage to experienced dermatologists and patients alike.

2. What are the top 3 most popular treatments your NYC patients asking for now and why? 

I’ve earned the moniker “Queen of Lips” from many of my patients. The Lips and the Eyes are the most expressive aspects of personality and emotion. I concentrate always on bringing out a natural expression. So this reputation makes Lip fillers one of my most popular treatments. As I mentioned the Eyes, Neurotoxins are probably the second most popular. Lastly, Laser Resurfacing is a must for most aging patients. So even if it is not the number one request, I often suggest and do this treatment as it has just a rejuvenating effect on the skin.

3. As a cosmetic dermatologist, what’s in your cosmetics bag? (Name your favorite products/brands you use personally for skin, makeup, hair) 

I never leave home without my Colorescience® Sunforgettable® Mineral Sunscreen Brush with SPF 30. It’s so easy to reapply SPF during the day, and it removes shine. I also like Colorescience® Unforgettable® Lip Shine with SPF 35 for the same reason. I love Armani and Chanel cosmetics for their up to the minute take on color that compliments fashion, which is my other passion!

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