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01-10-16 | Posted by

Beauty visionary Cristina Carlino’s third act, Archetypes, gets to the heart of who we really are.

Archetypes, the latest brainchild from beauty visionary Cristina Carlino, challenges us to find our inner archetype, and use this knowledge as a compass to navigate our world. An archetype is a pattern of behaviors that helps you better understand yourself and how you relate to others. Just knowing if you’re a rebel, an athlete or any of the 12 archetypes will allow you to make more inspired choices about everything.

The new Fab Five: The Archetypes Pheromones Collection is part and parcel of this philosophy. The new line of pheromone-based blends helps you cultivate you archetype. “These luxurious blends are designed to nudge you back into balance — naturally, anytime,“ Carlino says.

It’s an exciting new concept, and Beauty in the Bag was lucky enough to chat with Carlino. Here’s what we learned:


1. What is a pheromone?
Pheromones are naturally occurring chemicals secreted by the body to help boost attractiveness and enhance relationships. Pheromones are known to help lift your mood, calm your mind and create powerful connections. Specifically chosen essential oils combined with pheromone technology help elevate your overall sense of wellbeing. Pheromones work best when used daily and consistently. For the best effect, apply directly below the nose. Beauty is about sleeping well, eating healthy, feeling happy, experiencing love, and not feeling overly stressed or anxious. Our five pheromones were formulated with these five critical, well-being goals in mind.

2. Tell us about the Archetypes Collection?
The archetypes collection is inspired by the 12 key archetypal families found on archetypes.com. Each fragrance embodies the personality as well as the patterns of the person it was formulated for. As an example the visionary archetype is an anti-fragrance person by nature and therefore this is our cleanest most understated fragrance, whereas our performer is the exact opposite. It’s a fragrance that lets the entire room know that you have arrived!

3. What can we find out about ourselves on the site?
Get started by taking a simple test to identify your current primary archetypes, plus your dominant archetype. You then can begin using the site to discover content suited just for you and your archetype, taking other archetypes quizzes on the site, and downloading the book: the beginners guide to your inner net or archetypes who are you CD by Caroline Myss who created these for archetypes.com

4. What led you to Archetypes?
I have a primary visionary archetype that led to the creation of my first company Biomedic that pioneered lunch-hour beauty procedures in the doctor’s office. The lunch hour peel, started in the 1990’s, was one of the first trademarks I ever owned. My second company, philosophy, was the first ‘anti-beauty’ company to speak about beauty on its jars and bottles with stories that were as spiritual as they were rebellious and at times just funny. My third act, archetypes, is much more of a calling than a company. I am advocating for a new language that eliminates stereotypes and a new filter that accurately helps people to understand exactly what fits them and what doesn’t.

5. What do you do every day to look or feel young?
I take all my cues from children and my world is filled with them. They are lighter than feathers, they don’t diet they eat when they are hungry, they don’t exercise they play, that don’t live in the future they live in the moment, and most important they don’t take themselves seriously which keeps them very, very silly.

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