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Posted by 03.03.09


DIESEL FUEL FOR LIFE- I will preface my review of this heavenly fragrance with the caveat that parfum is an intensely personal item. I also cherish it for scent-imental reasons, as it was a blind gift that happened to suit my olfactory senses to a T. Parfum is rarely one scent fits all — unless it’s Chanel No 5, which is a pretty wide crowd pleaser. Fuel For Life is my first ever Diesel beauty item and one that I spritz just about every other morning (I’m trying to conserve the supply…we are, after all in a recession and fuel tends to run in short supply during such times as these). There’s no sugar sweet floral here, just a warm, potent aroma that hovers somewhere between your boyfriend’s cologne and a classic from your mother’s boudoir.  Guaranteed to jump start your morning.

FINAL VERDICT – GGI (GOTTA GET IT) – If the fragrance doesn’t do it for you, the lace covered bottle will. A cheeky, chic little display piece!

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