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London Beauty Page would not be complete without featuring the First Lady of Niche Brands, Nicky Kinnaird, as our launch Beauty Guru. She is founder and president of  SpaceNK Apothecary (the NK is her namesake), a veritable rolodex of big name luxury beauty and global cosmeceutical brands, and innovative products, tools and ranges. Now on both sides of the pond, her SpaceNK empire is a high-end beauty lovers’ pleasure palace – the place to go for those in the know who want something different or a classic cult product.


What are your criteria for selecting the brands you feature under the SpaceNK umbrella?

Brands created by innovators within their respective categories whose products perform – at Space NK we strive to offer the best of the best, and our customers expect us to do the legwork for them.

What SPACENK product(s) are you most proud of and why?

Introducing the Eve Lom treatment cleanser to literally thousands of women of all ages and skin types and helping many of them to totally transform their skin as a result.

What are the differences between the SpaceNK customer in the UK versus the US?

The US customer is generally better groomed but used to paying for services (cheap manicures, early morning blow drys) than their UK counterpart who is more well versed in home treatments e.g. NaturaBisse‘s glycolic peels, hair masks, and aromatherapy. The UK consumer is more trend conscious when it comes to makeup and tends to wear much lighter, more flattering foundation/tinted moisturiser (US consumer is obsessed with mineral powders that often impart heavy unnatural looking coverage). The US customer often just wants to look “pretty” rather than in fashion.

What are your personal desert island beauty products?

By Terry’s Baume de rose, Nia 24’s 100% oil free spf 30 sunscreen, Neil George’s intensive repair hair mask and a bottle of Laughter eau de toilette – I would have to smell good too!

Are you a mom?


What’s your favourite bag?

A burnished gold clutch with a black acrylic frame by Lanvin that I was lucky enough to find in Paris last weekend.

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