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04-16-18 | Posted by

It’s Thursday afternoon, and you and your besties decide that girl’s night out is long overdue.

The issue? Your do.

After a seriously sweat-inducing indoor cycling class, your hair is flat or frizzy, oily or stringy – and none of this will do. Your go-to salon is booked solid – not to mention geographically undesirable at the desired time.

What’s a girl to do for this hair emergency?

Fret not, there’s an app that will get the job done, post haste.

PRÊTE (which means “ready” in French) can book you a blow out at a convenient location at an equally convenient time. And it’s now a thing in Austin, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco, LA, Nashville, New York, Orange County and San Diego.

Here’s the deal:

PRÊTE accesses select salons open appointment slots, and while it may not be your regular salon with your fave stylist, the salon will be within an area you deem geographically desirable – and within your preferred time frame.  All you have to do is pick your radius, set the time parameters, and wait for a confirmation. (It’s never longer than 10 minutes.)

You can buy a package of 1, 3 or 5 blowouts — 1  is $35, 3 are $99 ($33 each) and 5 blowouts are $145 ($29 each). But membership has its privileges. An unlimited PRÊTE membership costs $169 per month and means as many blowouts as you can find time for in a month.  (This means no more of those Herculean measures you’ve been taking to make your blow out last even just a day longer.)

Beauty In the Bag Verdict: We love a good blow out. Who doesn’t? The PRÊTE salons have been top notch (and I’m picky) and the stylists know their way around a Jewfro (mine). The app is user-friendly and the concierge is super-accessible and helpful if any glitch should occur.  Tips are not included so bring cash, and make sure you read the fine print about the cancellation policy.  So ladies, what are you waiting for?


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