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While nail art itself has existed for decades (in the 1970s, salon aestheticians used to draw cute designs with pens on polished nails), the practice today is still a hands-on experience, but with many more options. You can visit your nail art salon and ask them to create your heart’s desire. Or, you could just shop for nail lacquers by brands like L’Oreal, Illamasqua, Sally Hansen, and Essie and create looks that will make even your aesthetician envious.

Here are ways to take your digits to another level using just a few nail lacquers:

Illamasqua Speckled Nail Lacquer in "Fragile"

Illamasqua Speckled Nail Varnish ($16): These new speckled nail varnishes from Illamasqua are a nail artist’s dream. All you need to do is to put two coats of these speckled lacquers on the nails, which in and of themselves look as though you’ve gone to a salon and had the artist paint slate-colored specks on your digits. You can take it one step further to create more complexity and texture by adding an Essie’s LuxEffects bling topcoat on top of this.

L'Oreal Colour Riche Nail Lacquer in "New Money" with Essie's LuxEffects in "Set in Stones"

L’Oreal Colour Riche Nail ($5.99):  The six new Colour Riche nail lacquer shades for spring from L’Oreal are both sumptuous and drool worthy. They offer your digits a great splash of color, and an ideal canvas for nail art or special effects. Inspired by exotic flowers, bold hues just beg for you to go to town with nail art. New Money is a delicious lime green shade that’s great for tartan stripes, or a bling look, as shown. To get this look, apply a base coat, two coats of Colour Riche, a top coat (Essie’s new Good To Go is a quick drying choice, as is No Chips Ahead), and the Essie LuxEffects shade called Set in Stones.

Sally Hansen Lustre Shine ($7.29): Infused with real silver, Sally Hansen’s Lustre Shine Nail Color was inspired by the iridescence of a peacock feather, as well as the colors of molten, liquid metal. Available in several shades, options range from Copperhead to Plume. While, it’s entirely possible to use Lustre Shine solo, you will get a richer texture and an enhanced”nail art” look by applying it on top of other nail lacquers. We find that Lustre Shine helps create a beautiful and easy ombre silver effect to just about any nail polish.

Tips on Creating Effortless Nail Art

Less is definitely more, and there are some terrific products, such as Essie’s new nail lacquer bases in All in One, Millionails (with iron) and Good to Go top coat that will make your task with nail art much, much easier. Here are some tips:

  • Always use a base coat; this will help extend the shelf life of your nail art.
  • Choose a nice neutral base color as a canvas for extras.
  • Experiment with textures.
  • Go for easy nail art textures like magnetic nail polish and bling effects for a glam look.
  • Seal with a top coat.






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