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07-19-10 | Posted by

Reprinted from Healthnewsdigest.com

The key word in rhinoplasty is precision. Even the tiniest miscalculation of a millimeter here or there can make the difference between having an operated look with a pinched tip or sloping bridge, and the natural shape and good projection most people desire. How we think about what makes a nose beautiful has changed exponentially since the 1980s as new techniques and tools have become available to change the way surgeons approach the nasal anatomy.

According to Dr. Sam Rizk, board certified rhinoplasty surgeon in New York (www.drsamrizk.com), “We now recognize that the older pinched, upturned appearance of rhinoplasties of the 1980s are no longer aesthetically appealing or acceptable by today’s standards. A naturally attractive nose has an ideal congruity between its different parts as well as a harmonious balance between the nose and the other facial features.”

Less is more when it comes to modern rhinoplasty approaches and in many cases, seemingly small improvements can have a dramatic effect on the overall look. The trend is to remove less cartilage and bone to create a nose that will age better and look more natural. Once considered a rite of passage for high school students going on to college, rhinoplasty is commonly done at any stage of life now, including at the time of a face or necklift. However, teens and twenty-somethings seem to desire more change than people in their forties and fifties when it comes to nasal operations. If you are 18, you may want any sign of a bump on the bridge of the nose or a thick or bulbous tip gone. However, when you are older and contemplating a first time rhinoplasty or correcting a previous nasal procedure, you may opt for much more subtle changes, such as leaving a little bump behind so the nose does not appear too different so that it calls attention to itself. It’s all a matter of degree, which is where discussing your goals in detail with the surgeon is so important before having surgery. Computer imaging is critical to gain a clear understanding of what can and cannot be done, and viewing examples of the surgeon’s work will also educate you about how your nose may look after surgery.

Experienced rhinoplasty surgeons are always searching for ways to improve their surgical results, especially with more complex procedures such as secondary or revision rhinoplasty, a subspecialty that requires even greater skills and expertise. One of the new technologies being used to accomplish greater precision in rhinoplasty is a high definition 3-D endoscope. As Dr. Rizk says, “The 3D high definition system allows me to clearly see areas that are difficult to visualize with a closed approach, such as the angle of the nasal tip and small irregularities of the dorsum. The internal structures of the nose can be seen with much more precision and clarity with the high definition 3D endoscopes. This ultimately allows me to achieve even better results with revision rhinoplasties that often lack support which may necessitate the placement of multiple grafts.”

To find an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon, visit www.aafprs.org or www.surgery.org.

Wendy Lewis is President of Wendy Lewis & Co Ltd, Global Aesthetics Consultancy, author of 10 beauty books, and Founder/Editor in Chief of BeautyintheBag www.twitter.com/WLCONY


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