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06-07-11 | Posted by

We LOVE this trend! With more salons and spas offering new and unique ways to book appointments, GreatClips, the world’s largest hair salon brand (they have 3,000 salons worldwide!) has come out with the first ever Online Check-In. At the touch of a button, from your laptop, desktop, or smartphone, you have total control over your hair care experience.  No more waiting on hold or getting the day/time wrong for your appointment, or showing up only to find out that the stylist is backed up. Greatclips.com puts you in the driver’s seat. You can log onto the site and choose your local salon, schedule an appointment that works for you, change or cancel, switch locations, check in, all without talking to a human or taking a step to get there.

Great Clips’ consumer research on men is part of the reason they started online-check in. No surprise that men don’t exactly think of the salon experience the same way women do. What ranks highest among men in search of a great mane? Convenience, price, location, short wait are more important than a good haircut. Guys will wait 10-15 minutes for a haircut, have no specific stylist and don’t pick a salon based on stylist.  Greatclips.com/

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