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Photo Credit: addictionnv.com

Posted by 12.05.11

PRODUCT: Naughty, But Nice Candy Cane Lip Balm

While there are so many wonderful things about the season like tasty hors d'oeuvres at holiday parties and gift giving (and of course, gift getting too), cold winter air undoubtedly leaves your lips chapped, and sugary treats wreak havoc on your waistline.

Bet you didn’t think a beauty product could tackle both of these issues. Naughty, But Nice Candy Cane Lip Balm by Addiction NV looks AND tastes like a candy cane, but is a pretty pink lip balm that works wonders on rough, chapped winter lips.

The lip balm itself looks like a candy cane, with swirls of red and white, but it’s more than just pretty packaging. The balm slides onto lips smoothly, and delivers just enough pinky color to flatter a variety of skin tones. It’s great for moisturizing and hydrating lips and the peppermint smell is so good, you might want to eat it… but please don’t. It is a calorie-free indulgence and looks so good, you may think twice about dipping into that plate of brownies.

Buy the Naughty, But Nice Candy Cane Lip Balm at www.addictionnv.com for just $18 and never complain about the woes of chapped lips again!



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