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Posted by 08.20.09

PHOTO CREDIT: yes-to-carrots.com

PHOTO CREDIT: yes-to-carrots.com

YES TO CARROTS TRAVEL WITH C BODY ESSENTIALS – There’s no shortage of green cleaning supplies, eco-friendly food options or even organic cotton tees, yet it’s still tough to find affordable, quality beauty products that say out with the chemical dreck, in with the love.  The concept behind Yes to Carrots is simple: vitamins and minerals from organic, beta-carotene rich orange foods are combined with detoxifying Dead Sea mud to turn out paraben-free products at a price point that’s well within reach.  I’ve taken more than a few salty swims in the Dead Sea through the years and firmly believe in its curative powers, so I was excited by the prospect of a budget brand delivering the nutritive goods.

I tore into the Travels with C Body Essentials kit, eager to test-drive the Hand and Elbow Moisturizing Cream, Body Moisturizing Lotion, Deliciously Rich Body Butter, Carrot Rich Shower Gel and Lip Butter.  I used the shower gel after my morning workout and it was an instant love connection.  Despite the absence of the synthetic ingredients that put Mr. Bubble in business, the stuff works into a fabulous lather and has a light, energizing scent.  The body lotion does the trick and soaks into skin quickly, but I was more impressed by the body butter, a thick fix for very dry skin that feels much more luxe than its price tag might suggest.  The hand and elbow cream is equally fab, but the lip butter left me cold and reaching for my old standbys. The orange and white packaging doesn’t do much for me, but I suppose it’s fitting that a carrot-based line reminds me of juice-bar décor.

It’s a mixed bag, but at $10 the kit this is an exceptional opportunity to try out this natural product line and see what works for you.  This little arsenal is ideal for airplanes with tiny TSA-friendly items that effectively hydrate parched skin.

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