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03-01-12 | Posted by

Painting your own fingers and toenails can be a frustrating experience, sending you off to the nearest nail shop to finish off the job. A new product called Liquid Palisade ($22) puts an end to all that. Just like painter’s tape for the nails, it brushes on like a protective barrier that covers the cuticles during nail polish application. A soft mauve color, Liquid Palisade goes on like a liquid, but hardens to a stretchy rubber band consistency. When you are finished painting, you just peel off Liquid Palisade for a perfectly applied manicure or pedicure. Gone are unsightly edges and painted skin.

Liquid Palisade also is a great tool for creating custom nail art design as well as a French Manicure. Just paint it on the places where you don’t want polish to stick. Apply the desired base polish, remove Liquid Palisade, and voila, you’ve got that coveted French tip or nail art pattern.

Rarely does a completely new product concept cross our desks at Beautyinthebag, but Liquid Paqlisade is a unique aid that will help you save money and time in the end.

For more information and to purchase, visit www.liquidpalisade.com.

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