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07-30-10 | Posted by

Cutera Aesthetic Solutions has launched www.MyBigBirthday.com – for women approaching their milestone birthdays…..you know what we mean – your 30th, 40th, 50th, and 60th.  The site is chock full of tips, tricks, advice and factoids based on a survey conducted with 1,000 women who are within 5 years of turning a milestone birthday, from ages 30 to 60.  

The Skin I’m In

  • 4 in 5 women (81%) say they would want to improve something about their skin’s appearance.
    • 1 in 3 women approaching their 50th (33%) would most want to erase their skin’s fine lines and/or wrinkles.
    • Women approaching their 30th would most like to improve their uneven skin tone and texture (23%).
  • Nearly 3 in 4 women  (74%) say they know which of their body parts/areas most reveals their age.
    • 1 in 5 women approaching a milestone birthday (21%) say their hands most reveal their age.  Others cite their eye area (18%), facial skin (11%), neck (9%), and area around the mouth (7%).
      • Women approaching their 30th and 50th birthdays say their eye area (20% and 24%)
      • Women approaching their 40th and 60th birthdays say it’s their hands (24%).

Beauty Behavior

  • 82% say if they could turn back time, they would have done something different in terms of how they took care of their skin:
    • Over 1 in 3 women surveyed say they would have moisturized regularly (37%) and used sunscreen more often (34%).  15% say they would have seen a dermatologist more often/at all.
      • The #1 thing women approaching their 40th would use sunscreen more often/at all (36%).
      • Women approaching their 30th say they would have seen a dermatologist more often/at all (22%).
  • Nearly all women (90%) would want some sort of beauty expert on their beauty “dream team” if money were no object.
    • The top three choices for a beauty “dream team” are a hair stylist (60%), a dermatologist (48%) and a makeup artist (44%).
      • Over half of women approaching their 30th and 40th birthdays (53% and 55%) would want a dermatologist

Looking and Feeling Younger

  • The majority of women (64%) say they take steps to look younger:
    • The top 5 things they have done to look younger are: color/dye their hair (43%), wear make-up (36%), change their hairstyle (28%), buy expensive skincare (16%) and shop in the juniors department (7%).
    • Lie about their age (5%), date someone younger (4%) and stop celebrating birthdays (2%)
  • When given a list of activities and asked what they would be willing to do to stop the aging process – 36% say they would give up alcohol for 5 years, the #1 choice for all age groups.
    • More women are willing to give up sex for 5 years (12%) than give up the Internet for the same time period (8%) if that would stop the aging process

The Big Birthday Gift

  • 1/3 of women say what they would most like to receive as a gift would be a fabulous vacation (31%), followed by losing weight (25%) and looking 10 years younger (9%)

SPECIAL OFFERLook for the “My Big Birthday” Laser Genesis discount coupon on the Physician Locator. Choose a participating physician and print the discount coupon and make a “Big Birthday” appointment. Be sure to bring the discount coupon to the office along with valid proof of age. Laser Genesis, known as the warm laser facial, is indicated to improve excessive redness, large pores, uneven texture and fine wrinkles. After 4 to 6 treatments, you should see a more even, vibrant complexion – a refreshed appearance.  Note: Value of discount coupon varies by geographical location. One coupon per patient only.

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