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Water may just be the key to looking and feeling your youthful best, according to Los Angeles dermatologist and skincare formulator Dr. Howard Murad. But downing eight glasses a day may not be enough. The source of your H20 intake is equally important.

“I’d like you to eat your water,” said Dr. Murad during a recent presentation in New York City. “Where you get that water is more important than simply needing eight glass of water a day.”

His preferred sources for edible water are raw fruits and vegetables, of course. Just think about the abundance of water in watermelon, oranges, spinach, and eggplant. And while you are “eating your water,” you will get the added benefit of a natural sunscreen factor contained in raw foods.

A practitioner of a comprehensive approach to wellness that he calls Inclusive Health, Dr. Murad has written a book called The Water Secret. “Water is the common denominator for all functions of the body, but as we age, cell membranes become damaged and lose their ability to retain water.”

The leaking of water from cells is really the underlying cause of aging, including lines, wrinkles, cellulite, dryness and crepiness, he explained. Skin reflects these changes and can only be beautiful and glowing if it is healthy at the cellular level.

In addition to “eating your water,” Dr. Murad recommends a diet rich in whole grains, amino acids, and complete foods, including walnuts, eggs, brown rice, and pomegranates. “Eating this way makes your cell membranes richer and thicker and better able to attract water.”

But to have healthy skin, it must be protected from the outside as well, not just boosted internally. Sunscreen is essential, as is maintaining the barrier function of your skin so moisture doesn’t escape.

Murad skincare products are all rooted in The Science of Cellular Waterâ„¢ and work to protect cells from environmental damage and dehydration while encouraging healthy, cell turnover.

Photo Credit: murad.com

With fall upon us, it’s especially important to devise a skincare regimen that protects your skin from changing temperatures, such as the following suggesting from the Murad skincare line.

Murad Refreshing Cleanser ($29.50) – a gentle formula that is perfect for the cooler months.

Murad AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser ($35) – formulated with salicylic, lactic, and glycolic acid this exfoliators will help dissolve dry skin accumulation due to colder weather.

Murad Perfecting Day Cream SPF 30 PA+++ ($47) – a lightweight moisturizer that provides essential hydration and broad spectrum UV protection without a greasy residue.

Murad Oil-Free MuraSol Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30 PA+++ ($31) – a daily solution to protect your skin against the sun’s rays, which are just as potent in fall and winter.

Murad Soothing Skin, Lip Care ($20) – a soothing fix for painful, chapped and cracked hands, cuticles and lips.

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