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Stick With It: Murad Oil-Control Mattifier SPF 15

Posted by 07.31.10

Working in the beauty industry has obvious advantages. I get paid to work in an area I have a personal interest in, friends often ask me for my “professional opinion” (though I’ve decided that writing off a coffee date where lipstick was discussed would be unethical), and I have daily access to dozens of product samples. I often complain about my perpetual battle against oily skin and acne, so when a colleague offered me Murad Oil-Control Mattifier SPF 15, I graciously accepted (read: almost lost my balance snatching it from her hand).

I woke up the next morning and was so excited to try this new product I practically skipped to the bathroom. I poured the white lotion in my hand and as I spread it over my freshly-cleaned skin my first impression was: Elmer’s glue. With a hint of a tea tree oil. The consistency was almost paste-like and required more effort to spread evenly than I usually care to put in when it comes to lotion application. Even after extended blending my skin had a slightly white tinge to it – a result of the 3% Zinc Oxide. As Zinc Oxide is a physical sunscreen that offers superior protection than chemical compounds I decided looking somewhat ghostly without makeup was a fair tradeoff.

After I allowed the lotion to dry I had no more complaints. My skin felt smooth and my makeup went on perfectly. Several hours later I went to the bathroom and upon checking myself out in the mirror was pleasantly surprised that my forehead and nose were shine-free. The skepticism I’d had about product’s “reduces excess oil by up to 78% for 8 hours” claim vanished along with the need to touch-up. I usually go through 4-5 oil-blotting sheets a day, but when I washed off my makeup that evening (10 hours post-application) I still had not used a single one!

Final Verdict – GGI (Gotta Get It) – In spite of the product’s textural shortcomings, I was delighted with Murad Oil-Control Mattifier SPF 15. It is now a part of my daily routine, and is the perfect way for any oily-skinned beauty to start her day.

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