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Posted by 03.14.09


GIVENCHY PHENOMEN ‘EYES PRECISION MASCARA – The name threw me when I first read it – catchy but hard to remember. When you first see it, you may be inclined to raise an eyebrow too. But what is truly different about this wand is the stubby round brush – it’s like a perfect sphere, so it works in 3D. You can get each lash to go the way you want it to and even draw out tiny lashes in the corners of your eyes. I have not seen anything like this – it’s a first but it is sure not to be a last. Designed by a makeup artist – so it works the way a makeup artist would apply your mascara too, from underneath the lashes. Definitely lash enhancing for a very bold look.

FINAL VERDICT: RDW (RUN DONT WALK) – This is a truly amazing must-have mascara – clever concept.


  1. placido Says:

    This mascara is fantastic. I couldnt resist trying it and Im so glad I did.

  2. TWA Says:

    Hey I tried this, but it makes my lashes clump. Nothing can beat COVERGIRL LASHBLAST!!!

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