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Tweezing your brows can accomplish two critical missions:  achieving beautiful eye opening arches and tidying up strays. For eyebrow maintenance in between professional shapings or to keep the shape that flatters, the grip is the most important. If the tweezer doesn’t grip the finest hairs strongly, you will end up making multiple attempts to pluck out tiny hairs which can end up nipping your delicate skin and causing redness and irritation. Tweezer tips can be pointed, rounded, or slanted, depending on your personal preference. Choose a pair of tweezers that can grip your hairs well enough to tweeze each strand, especially for hard to reach areas. The best type of tweezers can remove the hair by pulling it out at the root, rather than breaking the hair before it gets plucked. Tweezers are also essential tools for applying false lashes.

The other part of the tweezing equation is to get a great magnifying mirror so you can see exactly what you’re plucking!

TWEEZERMAN – The gold standard of beauty toolmakers, Tweezerman has a wide variety of tweezers to suit your specs and your personality. We love the mini slant models for only $12 that come in black and lots of pastels and hot colors. There are also larger slanted models in jazzy patterns, polka dots, and solids. If you need some extra seeing power, try the lighted slant version too. www.tweezerman.com

JAPONESQUE – Makes ergonomic tweezers with slant or point tips that are feather light and easy to handle. www.japonesque.com

REVLON – An oldie but goodie, Slant Tip Perfect Tweez  is a scissor shape for about $3.99.

EARTH THERAPEUTICS – The Professional SofTouch Tweezer has a cushiony cover to prevent slips. www.drugstore.com

RUBIS – High quality Swiss made pricey but last a lifetime, these stainless steel cosmetic tweezers come in slanted and pointed tip versions for utmost precision. www.folica.com

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