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02-08-14 | Posted by

Mitochondria, little bean-shaped structures that float in almost every cell in the human body, perform endlessly important functions like DNA production, cell growth, and cell communication. Many health conditions including physical aging and Alzheimer’s have been associated with mitochondrial dysfunction. Recent research shows that introduction of the antioxidant coenzyme CoQ can affect mitochondria and protect it from free radical and environmental damage.

Enter the MitoQ® molecule, a patented invention resulting from over ten years of research. This molecule has been show to deliver CoQ to the mitochondria, neutralizing free radicals where they are produced, slowing the cell aging process, and supporting the repair of prior damage. This development has been supported in more than 180 papers published in medical research journals around the world.

MitoQ® Limited, the company behind this amazing molecule, launched MitoQ® Moisturizing Anti-Aging Serum ($119) last summer with the promise of being 1000 times stronger than other C0Q antioxidant based anti-aging products. With this enhanced mitochondrial protection, the serum is said to heal and prevent fine lines and wrinkles, fade scars and skin discoloration, reduce blemishes, soften skin, fight off UV rays, and increase radiance and hydration.

The facial serum can be added to your current skincare regimen or be used alone. It is safe for all skin types, even hypersensitive complexions.

The MitoQ repertoire has recently been expanded with the launch of MitoQ® Targeted Antioxidant Dietary Supplement ($59.95). “We are thrilled to finally be sharing this groundbreaking supplement with the world after over a decade of development and testing,” stated Greg Macpherson, CEO of MitoQ Limited. “We started with the MitoQ Anti-Aging Serum so that people could physically see the power of this amazing molecule and the effects it can have on their skin, and now they will be able to benefit from it working within, promoting overall wellness.”

The dosage is simple, just two capsules every morning, but the promised benefits are huge. Published studies show that the supplement significantly reduces oxidative damage to cells and by association supports heart, liver, and brain health, while enhancing energy, libido, and healthy aging.

The MitoQ Serum and Dietary Supplement are available at mitoq.com. Visit the site for more information and purchases.

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