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Posted by 09.03.09

photo credit: methodhome.com

photo credit: methodhome.com

METHOD OLIVE LEAF NATURAL MOISTURIZING BODY WASH – I want it all.  I want effective products that are affordable yet luxurious, I want safe, eco-friendly ingredients and manufacturing practices, I want attractive packaging.  Remarkably, Method hit the trifecta with their Olive Leaf Natural Moisturizing Body Wash.  This paraben-free cleanser smells fantastic and works wonders for my skin with olive and coconut oil, aloe vera gel and glycerin.  Method is well known for gorgeous packaging, and this is no exception, with an easy-to-use pump and a quilted bottle that evokes Chanel a zen happy place for any bag loving lady.  I’ve been around the block with my trusty pouf and a ton of different body washes, so I’m a little jaded.  Leaky bottles, reeky fragrance and so-so skin conditioning don’t impress me, but this Method wash is an absolute delight with a creamy texture that lathers beautifully and  light, energizing scent.  It looks and feels really expensive everywhere but the checkout line; an 18 ounce bottle retails for $10.

FINAL VERDICT – BOB (BEAUTY ON A BUDGET) – What’s not to love about staying clean and green on the cheap with this rich wash?  Method Natural Moisturizing Body Wash is also available in Almond Flower and White Tea; I can’t wait to try them all.

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