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Men are now seeking skincare, hair care, and a wide variety of cosmetic procedures, and they are not only driven by their partners, but also by their own self-improvement goals.

Over nine in 10 American men age 18 and older use some sort of grooming product, which can include facial and body skincare, shaving, hair care, and fragrance, according to NPD. Only one quarter of US men use facial skincare products, lip and eye products, and anti-aging treatments. Among men using facial skincare, over one-third (37%) use facial cleansers, lotions, and moisturizers.[1]

Despite the explosive growth in men’s skincare brands, 75% of men over 18 are not using any facial skincare products. They may believe in cleansing and moisturizing, but there is still a resistance to invest in more targeted products unless they have a specific skin problem such as acne, rosacea, or shaving bumps. Unlike women, men tend to purchase products in the cleansing and moisturizing categories, but purchase products with specialized benefits, such as acne and anti-aging less often.

According to Beverly Hills Dermatologist Monika Kiripolsky, MD, “We have more men coming in for peel treatments for acne and sun damage. When they see how much better their skin can look, they come back for more treatments and get serious about a skincare regimen. The ZO® Medical range for oily skin is ideal for men, who have thicker skin, with more hair follicles and oil glands than women. Oilacleanse™ and Cebatrol™ pads go a long way to keep their skin clear and under control.”

One of the best selling products in every range aimed at males are solutions for dark circle and puffy eye bags, which occur from sleepless nights, stress, and jet lag. Anti-puffiness gels and fine line erasing serums abound, second only to shaving creams, and post shaving balms. According to New York Plastic Surgeon Bryan G. Forley, MD, “Lumixyl Revitaleyes is one of the products we dispense for men. It targets discoloration around the eyelids, which is a very common complaint. After using it consistently, our male patients often say their eyes look less tired.”

Men tend to think their skin is not as vulnerable as women’s, so they don’t feel they need a daily skincare program or professional treatments. Whereas women may be on the hunt for the newest hero antioxidant or potent retinol formulation, men are less ingredient focused. Men tend to like to choose their own shaving cream, but cleansers, moisturizers, and suncare are often bought for them by their partners. The tide is changing and now men are buying more skincare for themselves too.

A favorite among guys is the concept of multi-tasking because when it comes to looking after their skin, they can be inherently lazy. For example, Jack Black Performance Remedyâ„¢ Turbo Washâ„¢ Energizing Cleanser for Hair & Body does it all in a simple tube.

To keep the crud out of his pores, Clarisonic Deep Pore Detoxifying Solution Mia2â„¢ Kit offers a pro skincare brush combined with a cleanser and a clay mask to unroof his blackheads.

Shaving is one category that men are always rather particular about. The Art of Shaving Pre-Shave Oil scented with sandalwood provides skin saving prep with a classic manly scent.

Guys with bald heads may be the leaders of the pack when it comes to understanding the benefits of sunscreen. No specialized sun block is needed, but sprays work best, because they won’t run into the face and eyes. Neutrogena Ultimate Sport Spray Sunscreen Borad Spectrum SPF 100+ resists wearing off from, water, rubbing, sweat, or wiping.

As more and more men turn to professional anti-aging treatments like peels and lasers to maintain a youthful appearance in a competitive job market, specialized skincare has emerged to complement these services. The ClarinsMen Line Control Balm works to fight wrinkles and firm up the skin around the chin. The range’s Line-Control Eye Balm fights crevices around the eyes.

Men are some of the most loyal skincare customers, especially when they are satisfied with the results they see from a product or service. Once they experience the benefits, their resistance to purchasing on their own begins to diminish, and as a result wives and girlfriends no longer have to share their favorite treatments.

[1] NPD, February, 8, 2012 Release




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