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08-12-09 | Posted by


Photo Credit: www.sunsoul.com


Sun Soul technology is an innovative new treated material that lets the good rays shine through and blocks harmful UV rays, but how do they do it?

SUN SOUL from Canada has developed a clever line of UPF50+ protectant apparel that works similarly to the science behind light based energy devices. There are many brands that make sun protection clothing and accessories, which have become a staple for toddlers, sailors, and people with highly sun sensitive skin types or conditions. But this is a unique concept that take UPF to a whole new level. Their range of YELOMOD unisex shirts, hats, caps and visors are made with fluorescent compounds built right into the material that convert UV light into good for you yellow light. The fabric is mesh-like, extremely light and breathable, so ideal for sports, boating, or just laying out by the pool.

Infrared yellow light is healing for the skin, whereas harmful UV light falls at the far end of the spectrum (darker colors like violet). You can wear your Yelomod wide brimmed hat in direct sunlight while filtering out the rays you don’t want. Yellow light is known for having a rejuvenating, wrinkle reducing effect – so your skin can actually reap some benefits from being outside. The fabric is neon glow-in-the-dark yellow which is sure to make you stand out in a crowd (or in the dark for that matter…).

The downside is that the collection is not exactly Project Runway fashion. The upside is that you only have to wear your Yelomod ensemble a few hours a week outside in the sunshine to get the yellow light you need which is actually pretty manageable, especially if you have a patio or garden to hang out in. The potency lasts  for up to 30 washes or about the equivalent of one long hot summer’s worth of wear.

Perhaps even more exciting is the upcoming BLUMOD range which is not yet FDA approved for sale in the USA. You guessed it – the same theory with blue light ray filters. Blue light is known for its acne fighting properties, so you can harness the power of blue rays to get clear skin.

Shirts run $99 or less and hats start at only around $39 – which is less than a jar of wrinkle (or pimple) cream. I’m not sure this concept will catch on in haute couture circles, but it is truly breakthrough technology!


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  1. maryvasquez71 Says:

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