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06-21-15 | Posted by

Walter Obal is one of the most sought-after makeup artists in the beauty world. He started his extraordinary career as a makeup artist in New York City when he was only 20 years old as the personal makeup artist to model/actress Jamie King for MTV’s television show House of Style. When the show ended he started working with Make Up For Ever Paris as a Senior Artist conducting training seminars before signing with an agency and booking fashion and beauty advertising and editorial work.

Obal has also been the brand ambassador and spokesperson for Esika (a major South American Cosmetics brand) and the Beauty Director for the New York City arts and culture publication, BlackBook. His client roster is full and only getting fuller. It includes prestigious editorial and advertising brands such as Anthropologie, Barneys, Elle, GQ Style, Harpers Bazaar, Hermes, L’Oreal, Neiman Marcus, Rimmel, Shiseido, Uniqlo, Victoria’s Secret and many, many more.

1. What do you love most about your career? The things I love most about my work are that I am able to be creative. I love working with other like minded individual and collaborating as a team to create beautiful imagery.

2. What’s your personal beauty philosophy? My personal beauty philosophy is less in best. I love that I am able to create beautiful images for ads and editorial, but that’s not to say every trend is going to work for every woman. I think women should look at the trends as inspiration and take from it what would work best for them.

3. What beauty products do you think make the biggest difference for women? My must have products for women would have to be brow gel, Eyelash Curler and Mascara. The eyes are the window to the soul they say, so let them shine. A good lash curler can easily awaken the eyes. Mascara defines the framing of the lash line as a good brow defines the entire eye. I also love that these three items need little maintenance throughout the day but do so much to enhance your look.

4. Any secrets to get makeup to last throughout the day? The lasting power of makeup all depends on your skin type. Some faces seem to hold makeup better than others but when using color there will always be some maintenance necessary throughout the day to keep it looking fresh. That being said, a good primer underneath your makeup will give it some staying power and using long-wear cosmetic products can help.

5. Any words of wisdom for the more mature woman? The advice I would give to a more mature woman would be to create something that looks timeless and do not feel you need to follow the trends. Trends tend to be geared to younger women and tend not to be flattering on mature skin. Stay away from shimmer, glittery pigment and gloss.

6. What’s next for you? I am fascinated with product development and am presently working on a skin serum that I plan on launching in the fall.

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