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Vitabath CEO Richard Neill started out his professional life working in the automobile industry after earning an MBA from Harvard Business School, but he knew early on that he wanted to own his own company. When Mr. Neill set out to find something he loved, he discovered his passions lay in a very different industry. The first fragrance company he owned was in Atlanta; Mr. Neill led the company for ten years, during which time he worked closely with Vitabath as a vendor.

The Vitabath brand has been providing top of the line skin care products to consumers for over 50 years. But don’t let the rich, playful fragrances—like the new Cupcake Couture—fool you; these are benefit-driven products crafted from the most high quality ingredients.

Impressed with the brand, Mr. Neill acquired the company. Since 2007, he has been developing the Fragrance Collection, a new line of Vitabath body washes. The brand has become synonymous with vitamin and antioxidant-rich products—from soaps to creams, lotions, and scrubs—and Mr. Neill is passionate about providing Vitabath’s customers with body products that meet those high standards.


Tell us about Vitabath!  What makes the brand special? 

Vitabath has been trusted by discerning beauty consumers since the brand’s development in Europe over 50 years ago.  We have a strong fan base in the United States and Canada, where we offer body cleansers, exfoliators and moisturizers.  Our products use quality ingredients and luxurious fragrances that indulge the senses to create an at-home spa experience.  In 2011, we expanded our line with the Fragrance Collection – 16 paraben and sulfate-free body washes.

Vitabath is also well-known for our philanthropic initiatives.  For over 20 years, we have been proud to support the Salvation Army’s People Learning Useful Skills (PLUS) Program. By providing packaging work for people with special needs, the PLUS program creates an environment that sets achievable goals, which serve to improve job readiness and increase self-confidence.

What vitamins are included in Vitabath formulas and what benefits do they offer?

All of our products include vitamins E and A.  Vitamin E has been noted for its ability to smooth rough, dry skin.  Vitamin A is an anti-aging all-star that can help reduce the appearance of fine lines.  Some of our products also include vitamin C, which helps to protect against the look of damage caused by free radicals and the sun, and B vitamins to increase hydration.

What makes the brand’s new Fragrance Collection stand out?

The Fragrance Collection consists of 16 scented body washes in four fragrance profiles: Spa Day, Cupcake Couture, In Bloom and Fruit Fanatic.  There is truly something for everyone in this wide variety of fragrances.  Our newest collection includes the same high quality ingredients as our best-selling Moisturizing Bath & Shower Gelée but in a paraben-free and sulfate-free formula that still offers a rich, creamy lather.  We also made sure the Fragrance Collection did not include other potentially harmful ingredients such as triclosan, petro-chemicals or propylene glycol.  The Fragrance Collection formula is enhanced with vitamins A, B3, B5, C and E and an antioxidant-rich superfruit blend of açai berry, goji coffee fruit, noni, pomegranate, green tea and mangosteen.

How long did it take to develop the Fragrance Collection and what was your inspiration? 

Our team spent four years developing the Fragrance Collection.  We have a passionate following based on our unique scents and we wanted to echo that with a new collection of fragrances that we are excited to share.  There truly is something for everyone. Whether you like florals and spa scents or edible fruits and cupcakes, the new Fragrance collection has something for everyone.

What is your favorite Vitabath product and why?

I am partial to Citron Leaves body wash with lemongrass and verbena from the Spa Day profile of the Fragrance Collection.  I also use our Exfoliating Sugar Scrub and Gelée in the invigorating Original Spring Green scent.

What does your company see on the horizon in terms of trends in the bath and body space?

We are continuing to see products taking a natural angle in product development.  As consumers become more aware of product ingredients, they are creating an increased need for shower and bath products that not only smell and feel great, but that also enhance their overall well-being.

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