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10-14-18 | Posted by

Vanita had a dream of starting her own business and that wish finally came true in 2004 when she opened her first walk-in threading bar. Her original idea was to offer a simple walk-in, pain-free, professional brow threading service, with highly qualified technicians in London. Now, fast forward to 2018 and now she has over 30 Blink Brow Bar locations across the UK, as well as in Saks 5th Avenue in New York City.

Vanita shared with BITB her passion for brows and some insights into her journey to become a super successful female beauty entrepreneur.

1. Tell us where your passion for beauty and brows stemmed from what was your inspiration for opening your first Blink Brow Bar?

My passion came from my own needs. I really needed somewhere reliable in London that offered threaded. There was nowhere. I thought wouldn’t it be wonderful if I could go somewhere that could do a quick fix, with no fuss and I could leave with amazing brows. I had to create a new concept to achieve this, hence the first blink brow bar!

2. What are some of the challenges and greatest achievements you’ve experienced on your journey of owning your own business?

Every day brings different excitements and different challenges. The earlier difficulties are different from now. Back then, it was about persuading stores to take you seriously and customers to give you a go. Now it is about keeping up with a changing world, the ‘definition of beauty on the go’ has changed, and clients expect a lot more. We need to keep a step ahead and agile to meet the needs of a changing retail landscape. Products are now also a big feature of our offering so they brought a whole new (and exciting) learning experience with this growth. There is no doubt that the greatest achievement will always be the growing number of customers that come to the brow bars every day. Now watching them buy and love our products is really exciting.

3. What products are in your cosmetic bag and on your bathroom vanity?

I have so many great products scattered everywhere and chop and change all the time. Some of my absolute favourites in my cosmetic bag are Nars Tinted moisturizer, Lipstick Queen Rose Sinner, Charlotte Tilbury under eye concealer and Becca shadow palette. Bare Minerals bronzer and Find Your Light from Glossier. Eyes are enhanced with BBB London kajal eyeliner and mascara, and my brows are shaped and groomed with Ultimate Brow Definer and Styling Gel.

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