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Sarah Kugelman is no stranger to the beauty industry.  The consummate entrepreneur, in 2005, she started her new venture, skyn ICELAND Solutions For Stressed Skin, to counteract the effects of the stress of day-to-day life on skin. Along the way, she also gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl named Alexa. www.skyniceland.com

How do you juggle being a mom with running a beauty company?

It’s a constant balancing act. I work all the time but my schedule is flexible since so I try to take my daughter to her classes or spend mornings with her, then I’ll run to the office for a jam packed day, run home to spend a few  hours with my daughter before bedtime and then work after she goes to sleep.  It’s exhausting but I wouldn’t give either up for anything! 

So what’s a nice New York girl doing on the arctic island nation of Iceland?

Getting away!!  Iceland represents for me the epitome of healthy, stress-free living.   When I went for the first time (on
vacation with my sister), I totally fell in love with it.   It’s breathtakingly beautiful and unlike any place I’d ever been:  glaciers and geysers, black sand volcanic beaches, the most indulgent and curative thermal baths and thousands of waterfalls in mossy green fields.   It’s just an idyllic spot! 

How do stress and fatigue wreak havoc on our skin?

Stress has been proven to affect skin in 5 distinct and direct ways: Acne (especially adult acne),  Irritation, Pre-mature aging, Impaired Immune Function, Impaired Lipid Barrier Function (creating dryness/dehydration)

What product in the range are you most proud of and why?

That’s so hard to answer?!   I think our eye cream because it is such a fantastic product and the #2 selling natural skincare product at Sephora . When you are passionate about product and develop based on what you love and what you can’t find in the market…other people seek you out and fall in love with it too.

What other beauty brands do you love?

I don’t use any skincare other than skyn ICELAND.  But I love John Masters (hair care… beautiful products that are also natural), YSL (Love their makeup, elegant, modern, high performance), Mariage Frere candles (I’m obsessed with them), Erbaviva (I LOVE their massage oil)….can you tell I’m really picky??

What’s your favourite bag?

My husband bought me the most stunning Roger Vivier bag for my birthday and I wear it every day. 

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