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Photo Credit: Rachel Med Spa


03-29-15 | Posted by

Shai Shinhar, MD, and his wife Rachel Shinhar are partners at home and at work. The duo opened Rachel Med Spa in Manhattan several years ago, modeling it after their original spa in Tel Aviv, Israel. Rachel Med Spa incorporates many beauty secrets of the Dead Sea. The new spa is one of the best kept secrets on the Upper East Side, and caters to many moms and dads who want to look as young as they feel.

Shai, an otolaryngologist and a Clinical Assistant Professor at the Ichan School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, oversees the spa and performs all of the injections and surgical procedures, while Rachel is tasked with chemical peels, facials and other specialty skin care treatments.

The dynamic duo talked to Beauty in the Bag about their spa, how they balance responsibilities as well as the latest and greatest skin care innovations.

Here’s what they had to tell us:



1. Why did you opened Rachel Med Spa?

Rachel: I was fascinated with beauty and cosmetics since I was younger, and always wanted to work in the industry and help people look their best. I am a trained aesthetician. I had my own spa in Tel Aviv and when we moved here, we decided to copy that same model

Shai: Times have changed. When we had a spa in Israel 15 years ago, there weren’t lasers or other energy-based rejuvenation treatments. It was a very successful spa, but we only offered skin treatments and facials. Upon moving to the US, I decided do training in cosmetic surgery so we could be more of a medical spa.

 2. What is the Rachel MedSpa Luxury Vitamin C Anti Aging Treatment?

Rachel: This treatment, softens, soothes, brightens and super hydrates your skin. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that strengthens the skin’s defenses to protect against free radicals and encourages the formation of fresh collagen, which is the protein that gives our skin the supple, elastic property most associated with youth. This treatment will leave your skin looking dewy and radiant. It is one of our most popular services.

3. How do you two divide the labor?

Shai: I perform all injectables including neuromodulating agents such as Botox Cosmetic and soft tissue fillers including Juvederm Voluma. I also do sclerotherapy for leg veins.

Rachel: I employ a lot of classic European methods that emphasize manual systematic treatment for the skin based on deep understanding of the client’s skin and its needs. This is complemented with phototherapy facial rejuvenation using a combination of light, energy and high frequency ultrasonic energy devices to penetrate the skin’s deeper layers.

 4. What is trending in Manhattan today?

Shai: People want to look natural and not done. Nobody is hiding the fact that they had cosmetic surgery, but they don’t want to look really different. Many want to avoid surgery at all costs, and with all the new treatments, we can help them do just that for many years. We are definitely getting impressive results with minimally invasive treatments.

 5. Do any of your treatments come from Israel?

Rachel: Yes. We use professional-grade products from Israel for all of our treatments including those from such companies as Dr.Ron Kadir, Christina, Soma-Herba, and Dead Sea Products.Collagen induction therapy with the micro-needle helps us to maximize the benefits of many of these products. The device delivers tiny needle pricks to stimulate the skin’s natural healing processes, which includes generating new collagen. It also clears the channels so that ingredients can get where they are needed most. We are so excited to be able to offer this to our clientele.

6. What do you do to keep your skin looking young and radiant?

Rachel: My husband takes care of my skin with Botox Cosmetic and Juvederm. I practice what I preach. I use the same treatments I recommend to my clients. I wear sunscreen to lower my risk for skin cancer as well as reduce the signs of premature aging like wrinkles. I tell all of my clients to avoid the sun too. Younger women in their 20s are less likely to listen to me as they still think a tan makes them look better, but women in their thirties are 40s are getting the message.




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