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Aussie born Dr Rita Rakus is known to beautify London’s elite from a red brick carriage house directly across from Harrod’s – so close that you can pop in for a cafe au lait at Laduree before your beauty shots or state-of-the-art laserings and fat melting devices. She has clinics all over the UK, from London to Manchester and Glasgow, and most recently, you can also find her injecting a bevy of international beauties in Monaco too. drritarakus.com

What is the London Lip?

The trend in London is for beautifully shaped lips, slightly fuller in the body of the lip, a more sculpted look. The over blown trout pout look is definitely out!

What makes a pair of lips sexy?

The lips no doubt are the focal point of every face. They are extremely suggestive and their very shape and look will speak volumes about you before you have even uttered a word. But I don’t think that there is one single characteristic that makes lips sexy – for some an enhanced cupid’s bow will make lips sexier, but on others it would look ridiculous. Natural is the key word here. Our clients want to look great, but not done, and we try to avoid the telltale bee sting look. By using natural hyaluronic acid fillers, like Restylane and Perlane, we can achieve a subtle and beautiful lip shape and form.

Whose lips are the most requested?

My younger patients tend to come to my clinic waving pictures of super models in their hands. Lips are so individual it is nonsense to think that someone else’s lips would suit you! Angelina Jolie’s lips do seem to be a favourite in London as well as the rest of the world. They are full, sexy and a prominent and a recognizable feature on her very beautiful face.

Do you inject your own lips?

So far, I have been lucky with my lips, but I am sure the day will come when they will need a little plumping!

Are you a mom?

Actually I am an aunt, and my twin nieces are truly my pride and joy.

What’s your favourite bag?

Definitely Chanel.

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