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04-03-16 | Posted by

Beauty industry veteran Susan Wong became particularly aware about what she put on her skin during her pregnancy five years ago, and she didn’t like what she was finding, namely a limited selection of green skin care products that came with prestige prices beyond her budget. This led to Wong’s “aha” moment and the creation of HAN Skin Care Cosmetics, a 100% natural skin care and cosmetics line that doesn’t cause sticker shock.

“HAN is simply Healthy and Natural and Skin Care Cosmetics is part of the name because the products are packed with antioxidants, such as superfruits, green tea and Vitamin C, to benefit the skin,” she says. Unlike other such products on the market, HAN is reasonably priced and can fit into most budgets.

Here, Wong chats up Beauty in the Bag about her vision, her products and her plans for the future.


1.Natural means different things to different people. What does it mean to your brand?

Truly non-toxic meaning no harsh ingredients, no carcinogens, no artificial preservatives or fragrances, and no petrochemicals. 100% Natural is pure formulas that aren’t irritable to the skin and aren’t detrimental to your health. We’re also proudly cruelty-free and carmine-free and both PETA approved and Leaping Bunny certified.

2. What’s your best-seller?

The Cheek & Lip Tints are our best sellers. It’s a 2-in-1 product and I think people really like that it’s a multi-tasker. In addition, it’s portable so you can stick it in your purse or pocket even, and it’s also very easy to use. Just dab on the cheeks and apply on the lips for a quick flush of color!

The Coral Candy blush is my favorite because it delivers beautiful and versatile color that works on many different skin tones, and it doubles as an eyeshadow! In addition, the blush is colored from pink carrot, red quinoa and lychee which have antioxidant properties!

3. What comes next for you?

We have several products currently in development that we are really excited about and plan to roll out later this year. This includes additional shades and other other makeup for eyes (wink wink)! The second push that we’d like to achieve this year is expanding our distribution in brick and mortar stores across the country to reach consumers who do not shop online or who prefer an in-store purchase experience. We want to make HAN Skin Care Cosmetics accessible to the mainstream market for consumers online and offline and across the country!

Makeup credits: Susan is wearing the HAN Cool Coconut Eyeshadow, a combination of Coral Hibiscus and Cherry Cosmos Cheek & Lip Tint, and Raspberry Chardonnay Lip Gloss.

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