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Shelley Costantini is an accomplished business woman, skincare specialist and waxing artist. She’s the CEO and founder of BellaPelle Skin Studio, a well known skincare and waxing studio in San Francisco, California. Shelley began beautifying the world one face at a time as a makeup artist in the Washington DC area. After becoming a licensed cosmetologist and esthetician, Shelley chose skincare as her focus and developed a following and clientele that included politicians, actresses Anna Deveare-Smith and Betty White, and NBC and CNN on-air talent including David Gregory, Kelli Arena and Christiane Amanpour. In 2003, she introduced the BellaPelle Skin Care product line to ensure that her clients had access to products that would make a positive difference for their skin.

Shelley’s passion for educating people about environmental effects on the skin and proper skincare is contagious, and she brings the same enthusiasm to supporting her community and being a global citizen. Her love of animals has inspired her to hold fundraising and awareness events, as well as donating and volunteering for multiple local organizations. Close relationships with cancer patients influenced Shelley to bring in clinical oncology esthetics experts to train her and the BellaPelle Skin Specialists to provide skincare services for clients with special medical needs, along with becoming the Bay area training center for this new method. Read on for more of Shelley’s insights and tips on how to get the most out of a facial.


What exactly is a facial?

The word facial is an umbrella term used within the beauty industry to denote a skincare treatment for the face. There are many different types of treatments available; some of these include skin-condition analysis, steaming, extraction of clogged pores, massage, exfoliation, cleaning and clearing superficial debris from the skin.

Will every type of facial help improve your skin?

Taking time out of your day to treat yourself to something is always beneficial. Not every facial is a pleasant experience; however, the results will most probably be worth it. Depending on your skincare goals and the estheticians expertise, you can usually come out with a better understanding of your skin and the results you were looking for. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, so try to be patient with your skin.

If skin studios, salons or spas have only pre-packaged facials, how do I know what to choose?

One way is for you to read through the menu for buzz words like acne, dry, or mature skin and choose the one that suits you best.  Another approach would be to select a facial by the allotted time. If you choose a longer facial service, you can ask the esthetician to adjust the facial and customize it to meet your needs. A lot of clients choose a short facial and then, want to add in the different bells and whistles and there’s simply not enough time.

What is the most important thing to consider when looking for a facial service?

It depends greatly on what you’re trying to accomplish by having a facial.  You’ll want to decide if you’re there to be relaxed and pampered or if you’re looking for a results-oriented treatment. These are very different experiences and offer dramatically different results. A relaxing facial may leave your skin feeling soft with a glow and your mind at ease while a results-oriented facial may require pre and post care, providing you with longer lasting effects.

How often should someone get a facial to make sure their skin is healthy?

This depends on the individual—some of the determining factors are: skin condition i.e., oily/acne versus dry/damaged and or normal/combination. Time, money and client interest play a big role in deciding how often one comes in for a treatment. If a client leaves their skin in our hands, we’d first address their greatest skin problem(s) with a treatment approximately every 2-3 weeks along with providing them with the appropriate homecare products. Then, we’d maintain their skin every 4-6 weeks. Depending on how aggressive we need to treat the skin, we’d probably require that they take a ‘skin rest’ after 6 months of treatments.

Why do facials often vary in price so widely?

Speaking from my experience, facials may be based on time, expertise and/or ingredients. Some estheticians base their service prices by the minute while others charge for the cost of the materials and/or ingredients. The quality and potency of professional products and ingredients are usually very different than department and drug-store brands. An expert esthetician will select the correct treatment for your type of skin and will know how to handle the different potencies of acids and enzymes to achieve your desired results. You may pay a premium for the expertise of the esthetician along with the quality and potency of the products.


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