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08-28-16 | Posted by

When it comes to skincare, Sharon Collier, CEO of Cover FX, is one trusting beauty maven. Having built an eminent reputation working with brands such as Laura Mercier Cosmetics and Skincare, ReVive Skincare, Paloma Picasso Accessories for Lopez Cambil, Ltd., Yves Saint Laurent Parfums, and many more, Sharon is well aware of what it takes to succeed in the beauty world.

BITB chatted with Sharon to learn more about Cover FX and finding the perfect shade.


1. What do you enjoy most about your role as Global CEO of Cover FX?  

I love being at a brand that is so inclusive!  Women who want to wear foundation should be able to go to any brand and be able to find their perfect match.  We have 40 shades in store (and more cooking in our lab!) and we have had this commitment to women everywhere for 16 years!

2. There are many different shades of foundations and concealers.  What tips would you give to women looking to find their perfect shade?

Cover FX has 40 Global shades in a Pink, Neutral or Gold undertone. First determine the depth of your skin, are you Light, Medium, Medium-Deep or have a Deep depth of colour to your skin. Next determine undertone, are you Pink? Neutral? or Golden? If you’re not sure, start with a neutral shade. If it looks pink, you are gold, If it looks gold, you’re pink. No pink or gold? You are neutral. If the shade looks chalky or ashy, it’s too light. If the shade looks dirty or muddy, it’s too dark. If you don’t see anything, the shade matches your skin, congratulations you have found your perfect match!

3. What are a couple of your favorite Cover FX products and why? 

I have oily skin so I have always shied away from sunscreens.  Our new Clear Cover SPF 30 is amazing – lightweight, smells great and doesn’t feel heavy at all!  I live on the road so now I take that plus a few drops of Custom Cover Drops and I’m ready to go!

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