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11-08-15 | Posted by

There’s no shortage of cosmetic dentists on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, and yet Saul Pressner DMD, FAGD, stands out from the crowd. His hands-on, sensible approach to smile maintenance has made him something of a celebrity among patients.

Pressner, the current President of Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry, believes in tooth preservation, and aims to avoid painful, invasive and uber-expensive procedures when and where he can. Biomimetic means to copy or mimic nature – and it’s a an approach that is taking root (pun intended).

Beauty In The Bag chatted with Pressner about biomimetic dentistry, smile saboteurs and more.


1. What is Biomimetic Dentistry?

Biomimetic Dentistry is tooth-conserving dentistry using antimicrobial methods to seal teeth better and longer against bacterial invasion.  By preserving more tooth structure, these procedures prevent more root canal procedures and crowns, creating a better long-term prognosis for teeth.

2. Do do-it-yourself (DIY) tooth whiteners are everywhere these days, do they really work?

DIY tooth whiteners sometimes work.  A more predictable method of tooth whitening involves dentists fabricating custom bleaching trays for patients, with better,  safer and more cost-effective results.  In-office bleaching procedures are also available, but are usually more costly with sometimes less predictable results than home bleaching, custom tray protocols.

3. What is the worst thing that we do to our smile?

The worst thing we do as far as oral health goes,  may be avoiding regular dental exams and cleanings.   Dentists are skilled at diagnosing oral issues before they develop into major problems.  By visiting your dentist regularly,   oral conditions such as decay,  gum disease and even oral cancers can be picked up earlier,  resulting in more conservative and effective treatments.

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