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If you combine a luxurious five-star experience with innovative aesthetic surgery, you get ‘luxurgery,’ and this is why Sachin M. Shridharani, MD chose this as the name of his Manhattan practice.

“I thought about what I wanted my cosmetic practice to epitomize, and it was clearly the confluence of a luxurious experience and gravity of undergoing aesthetic surgery. I wrote down “luxury” and “surgery,” he recalls. “The words eventually found their commonality and ‘Luxurgery’ – the confluence of luxury and aesthetic surgery-was born.”

Shridharani received his combined BA and MD from the University of Missouri in a six-year, fast-track program straight out of high school. He then went on to do his internship and residency at Johns Hopkins /University of Maryland in Baltimore. It was here that he was appointed chief resident in 2012, after which he completed his aesthetic plastic surgery fellowship at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital/Lenox Hill Hospital.

Shridharani spoke to Beauty in The Bag about the ‘‘Luxurgery” experience as well as some of the innovations he has fostered.


Here’s what he had to say:

1. What is your signature procedure?

This is a challenging question to answer because I thoroughly enjoy performing so many different surgeries which is the beauty of plastic surgery. I was extensively trained in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, literally from head to toe. I would say my no-drain tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) is a procedure that many people are seeking out. Also, neck contouring has become something for which patients are routinely coming to my office. This includes the newly approved, minimally invasive double-chin melting shot Kybella and/or surgical neck lifts.

2. Speaking of Kybella, are your patients excited about this newbie?

Yes. Kybella just works so well! My patients are seeing great results and improvement in their neck contour. They are excited to be getting rid of the “double chin.” Many tell me that despite even putting on a little weight, friends and family comment that they look like they LOST weight. Also, I am getting a lot of requests from men for the procedure. You get a very nice change without having to undergo surgery. Men like that a lot.

3. What is a TubelessTuckSM?

A TubelessTuckSM is a NO drain tummy tuck. One of the most difficult aspects for patients having a classic tummy tuck is the presence of closed-suction drains that are attached to both hip points and remain in the body for 1-2 weeks. These drains help prevent fluid from accumulating, and they need to be emptied two to four times per day. They often remain in patients for up to 2 weeks depending on how much fluid is coming out of the plastic tubes. Not many surgeons perform a drainless tummy tuck procedure. A TubelessTuckSM requires meticulously placed sutures to aid in preventing fluid collections which is more labor intensive for the surgeon.

When patients are sent home postoperatively with drains in place, discomfort is usually higher as there are small plastic tubes that exit the skin. Often patients need to take pain killer medication to help with the discomfort that occurs because of jerking on the sutures where the drains are attached. There is the added need for assistance in having to care for the drains by keeping track of the volume of liquid coming out. The drains can also leak body fluid and blood onto garments and furniture. Furthermore, there is often additional scarring from the drains since they are either placed through separate incisions/cuts or brought out through gaps in the actual planned incision site.

In addition, many patients are placed on antibiotics so that potential infections don’t develop around these drains. In our era of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and other “superbug” infections, keeping you off additional antibiotics helps us decrease your chance of developing antibiotic-resistant infections as well to decrease the side-effects of these medications.

For these reasons, I champion this procedure and my patients are doing well without having the additional burden of drains.

4. What is it like playing yourself on TV?

It is a great feeling and a lot of fun to be on TV and explain procedures to interviewers/hosts. The main reason being that TV still has such a powerful impact on patients and is an incredible vessel with which to communicate procedures in a safe way. At the end of the day, that is the most important thing. I am privileged to have these opportunities in the media to counsel patients on pearls and pitfalls and how to stay safe when undergoing elective cosmetic procedures whether it is a facial filler or a face lift.

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