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05-19-19 | Posted by

A skincare industry veteran, Ricardo Quintero joined The Estee Lauder Companies in 1999 and served as Senior Vice President, Global General Manager, Clinique. Prior to this role, he held several international positions including Senior Vice President, General Manager of Clinique International, overseeing the Clinique business outside of North America. He also served as General Manager for The Estee Lauder Companies in South Korea and Mexico. Earlier in his career, Ricardo developed his marketing acumen at Pepsico and Procter & Gamble in his native country of Mexico.

These various roles gave Ricardo a chance to lead some of the most dynamic beauty industry launches that have ever happened on a global scale. The shift in consumer behavior to digital platforms and the emergence of disruptive digital models inspired him to join forces with his wife Pilar in their new entrepreneurial endeavor Digital Brands, LLC—under which company the brand Care Skincare was launched.

BITB spoke with Ricardo about his inspiration for Care Skincare and what he sees for the future of the brand.

What motivated you to create Care Skincare?

After I left the corporate world in April 2017, we wanted to do something entrepreneurial utilizing all of the new digital tools that are now available. Digital platforms have revolutionized the way people discover, learn, choose and shop for their brands. The digital infrastructure available allows new brands to connect with consumers in a completely new way across all categories, and that includes skincare.

My wife, who has been my resident beauty expert, has incredible product and usage insights. She believes the skincare category is very complicated and that there is a lot of marketing “bs” behind many products that are expensive that have fancy packaging but don’t deliver results. We saw a white space in skincare, and we believe people need a new, fresh and straightforward approach to taking care of their skin that is affordable and effective. We believe that everyone can have great skin if they use the right products. We created Care Skincare with a multifunctional approach, so that with a few products you can have everything you need to achieve healthy skin. The brand is uncomplicated and straightforward, powered by science for high efficacy, but safe to use and never animal-tested.

What’s your best seller and why is it so popular?

Our Best Seller is The Everything Multi-level Moisturizer, and it is one of my favorite products in the line. This very unique formula is called The Everything, because it has so many benefits. It combines the power of a serum in the comfort of a cream. It is packed with great antioxidants like turmeric root extract to protect against free radicals, black tea ferment to boost skin radiance, multi-level hyaluronic acid to provide continuous hydration and support your skin’s natural barrier, which is so important for healthy skin. And it’s all packed in a rich cream.

What do you foresee for the future of the Care Skincare line?

We want to keep things straightforward and uncomplicated. We currently have five products in the line, and there will be only two more added. We will not be constantly launching new products, which is one of the reasons the skincare industry has become saturated and complicated. One of the products we will launch is a sunscreen, because we believe it is a must-have product for everyone who wants to protect and enjoy healthy skin. Our sunscreen is in testing now, and we hope to have it out in a few months. We are developing another serum which we will clinically test, to address one of the most important skin concerns for women of all ages and ethnicities. Stay tuned for that!

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