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Olga Lorencin, leading esthetician and renowned skin care expert, left her former-Yugoslavia home for the sunny coast of Southern California where she began her career working in LA’s most reputable skin care clinics. It would not be long, however, before she discovered a gap between the treatments offered and the European standard of skin care she was accustomed to.

By combining her classical training with the latest skin care advancements, Olga made visible results attainable one client at a time. Before long, she had built a clientele of some of the most celebrated complexions in Hollywood including Halle Berry, Eva Mendez, Jessica Biel and Viola Davis, to name a few.  Taking her years of expertise, extensive clientele and passion for innovative, results-oriented skin care, Olga founded the Olga Lorencin Kinara Skin Care Clinic in 2002. Today, Kinara exists as a go-to clinic for sophisticated, skin-care enthusiasts who view treating the skin as a way of life rather than a luxury. 

BITB spoke with Olga about her inspiration for founding her own skin care clinic and spa and the most effective skin treatments for each decade of life.


1. Who / what inspired you to create Kinara Skin Care Clinic & Spa and eventually develop your own skincare line, Olga Lorencin Skin Care?

Opening my clinic was really a natural progression.  I was always interested in skincare; in fact, I essentially started my career in a makeshift laboratory in my mother’s kitchen.  When I left my home in Yugoslavia and moved to Los Angeles, California, I worked in some of the city’s most popular spas.  I was an esthetician for 5 years, and during this time, I saw many clients who wanted exceptional skin care treatments that went beyond what I call a “steam and cream” kind of facial.  I used lots of active products in my treatments and in combination with each other to produce great results (and still do this today).  So I would say that a lot of my inspiration came from my clients during this time and all of the conversations I had with them. As far as skincare, I saw a gap in the market and there were products I found I needed for my clients that didn’t exist.  So I created those products that I felt I needed to treat my clients’ needs. Often, I find that skin care relies on marketing spin and gimmicks, but as an esthetician I really need products to deliver results effectively.

2. What are the most effective treatments and products for a woman who wants to maintain healthy, beautiful skin in her 20s, 30s-40s, 50 plus, etc.? 

20’s: I find that twenty-somethings are most vocal about their desire to have clear, even skin. Which is, of course, a valid concern. But above and beyond the yearning for a flawless complexion, the biggest issue for people in their 20’s is the immense amount of environmental damage inflicted during this decade. With social calendars packed with late nights, sun-filled weekends and post-work cocktails, twenty-somethings are often left with congested, over-stressed skin. I recommend exfoliating and purifying facials, at least quarterly, to keep skin healthy and balanced during your 20’s. Make sure to stay away from fluff treatments, which are often designed to pamper rather than treat and can leave you broken out. If your facial doesn’t include thorough extractions, it’s doing nothing for you.

30’s: By the time twenty-somethings become thirty-somethings, the remnants of the previous decade—however slight—are beginning to make their appearance, and the focus shifts heavily into anti-aging skin care. While this is not the time to panic over tiny, little wrinkles no one can spot but you, it is important to begin thinking seriously about preventative skin care.  By now you should be doing monthly facial treatments, regardless of your skin type. Think anti-aging and preventative skin care. Microdermabrasion, hydra-facials and light peels are excellent options to include with your at-home care.

40’s: Discoloration and loss of elasticity are two main concerns for people in their 40’s. But so is the look of over-processed skin due to excessive laser treatments, fillers, and cosmetic surgery. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for subtle enhancements, but skin that looks overly “done” ages you more than what you’re trying to correct. Clients in their 40’s are now in a corrective phase—and their facials should reflect that. Opt for treatments that refine, stimulate collagen and improve circulation. Lactic acid peels are incredibly beneficial in that they hydrate and exfoliate, while oxygenating treatments can bring life to dull complexions by improving circulation.

50’s: Hormonal changes greatly affect people in their 50’s. This is when we see a loss of volume, deeper wrinkles due to estrogen loss and a lack of luminosity. This is not to say radiant skin cannot be achieved in your 50’s, you just have to work harder to get it. This is the time to be consistent with firming procedures like regular microcurrent facials and tightening laser treatments.

60’s+: Hormonal changes continue to affect your skin in your 60’s, as well as the lack of hydration and heightened sensitivity. Even small amounts of alcohol or caffeine can have considerably dehydrating effects during this decade. But I have numerous 60+ clients with gorgeous skin. They live healthy, active lifestyles, and are incredibly consistent with their skin care. I recommend continuing with regular microcurrent facials while incorporating deeply hydrating treatments that include skin-nourishing oils and moisture retaining humectants.

3. What is in your cosmetic bag and on your bathroom vanity? 

Besides my own of course, I love IS Clinical Pro/Heal Serum.  I love to mix it with my moisturizers and I also like to mix it with Skinceuticals Vitamin C serum for a strong anti-aging component. I am also obsessed with Environs Body Treatment that is a two-step process that I do two or three times a week at night.  I also love Armani Silk Foundation (but then again who doesn’t).  I love everything Charlotte Tilbury, especially her mascara.  My favorite sunscreen is Skinceuticals Sheer Physical SPF 30.


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