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09-04-16 | Posted by

What started as a quest of curiosity as a young girl, quickly turned into a long and fulfilling journey to wellness for Naomi Whittel, Founder of Reserveage™ Nutrition.

Growing up in a family of chemists and scientists whose passion for an organic lifestyle (long before it was a trend) was an important foundation for Naomi. It guided her to turn to pure, whole ingredients taken from the earth for nutritional solutions.

This lifelong passion and purpose coupled with a wisdom of nature and the healthiest cultures around the world is how Reserveage Nutrition was founded.

BITB spoke with Naomi about living a healthier lifestyle and her favorite Reserveage Nutrition products.


1. An innovator in the health and wellness field, what inspired you to start Reserveage Nutrition?

Owning a small independent health store and experiencing the positive impact that good nutrition and supplementation can have on my customer’s lives.  Seeing the wellbeing and witnessing joie de vivrein Europe. In sharp contrast, experiencing the state of health here in the U.S. and having a desire to bring that joyful quality of living to the States.

2. With an overwhelming and endless amount of health books and products available to us, how does one start on a course of a healthier lifestyle?

Protein – Protein is important for us women. By getting enough protein early in the day, it can help reduce fat and build lean muscle mass, both of which are important especially as we age.

Get moving – The first thing I do every morning is put my sneakers on and get moving to get my circulation going and increasing my energy. If you get it out of the way early, you won’t find excuses for not fitting in movement and activity into your day.

3. What is your favorite Reserveage product and why? 

I have so many favorite products, but if I had to choose it would be the Collagen Booster that has double benefits of supporting skin radiance and joint health support. It contains patented BioCell collagen; hyaluronic acid, a component found naturally in skin that supports hydration; and our proprietary Resveratrol blend.

I also love our Keratin Booster, which we are the #1 Selling Keratin Brand. Shedding hair is a real problem for women. This formula contains a patented keratin that’s highly absorbable and scientifically shown to reduce hair shedding and support the hair growth cycle.

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