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A paramedical aesthetician – meaning she works with MDs – Misha Hughes is also a product developer. Recently, she brought her valuable insight of current trends in the skincare industry to the development of Xango’s mangosteen-based Glimpse Topical Skin Nutrition and Glimpse Mineral Treatment products. She has worked in the skincare industry for nearly two decades contributing to such brands as SkinCeuticals, Aveda and Physician’s Skin Care. Misha frequently gives presentations on anti-aging skincare solutions and lectures on the efficacy of skincare. Read on as she shares her insights and expertise.


Paramedical Master Aesthetician is a new term to me. What does that mean and what is your professional specialty?

I am trained and certified in aesthetics. “Paramedical” means that my background and experience is largely with the medical aspect of aesthetics, meaning I’ve worked a lot more with dermatologists and plastic surgeons than in spas. My primary focus is working to help people with damaged skin, including advanced peeling and laser treatments, to restore the skin through recommending products with rich nutrients, like Glimpse by XANGO.

How does what we eat and ingest affect the condition of our skin?
The effects of what we eat and ingest vary from person to person, but we are what we eat, and what we consume becomes visible in our skin and outward appearance. The skin is a great indicator of what is going on inside our bodies. If the body lacks proper nutrition, it will be reflected in dry, inflamed or otherwise damaged skin.

Tell us a bit about the mangosteen and its health benefits.
Typically grown in Southeast Asia and other tropical climates, the Mangosteen is about the size of a tangerine and has a dark purple rind which contains a sweet white pulp. The Mangosteen is rich in powerful phytonutrients called xanthones. It also contains catechins, the same active ingredient in green tea, and proanthocyanadins, the same benefit touted in grape seed extract. Research indicates that naturally occurring xanthones may neutralize free radicals, support the immune system, and maintain cardiovascular health by reducing CRP levels in an overweight population.*

How are these benefits incorporated into the Glimpse products?
We harness the benefits of whole mangosteen fruit – primarily the rich oils in its pericarp – and optimize these botanical nutrients through biofermentation and green chemistry. In Glimpse, these natural compounds and other botanicals can relieve the appearance of redness and inflammation, and safeguard the skin from various environmental conditions.

In addition to supplements, what other new skincare trends do you see on the horizon?
I think that internal support of skincare (supplementation) will continue to grow as well as the demand for toxin-free, performance-driven skincare products. I see Biofermentation in the formulation of skincare products becoming more important to consumers as well as a growing awareness/interest for sun-protectant ingredients and products.

What are your five top recommendations for maintaining healthy skin at any age?
1. Care for skin morning and night and make it a regular routine.

2. Use a cleanser that’s effective but doesn’t overstrip skin.

3. Use an effective, topical antioxidant (Glimpse® Topical Skin Nutrition does this through a polymeric complex found in its BioActive X3 formula, which is rich in antioxidants).

4. Be sun savvy – pay attention to what times of day you expose yourself to UV light.

5. Internal supplementation – healthy skin requires proper nutrition inside and out.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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