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05-28-17 | Posted by

Miri Torres started Arianna Skincare after she was diagnosed with stage 4B Hodgkin’s Lymphoma disease and she experienced eczema and rashes from aggressive chemotherapy treatments. The only relief she found was during monthly visits to the Dead Sea, where she discovered the skin healing benefits of Dead Sea minerals.

Just a few short years after making a full recovery, Miri proudly launched a collection of all-natural skincare products that are based on the historic power of the Dead Sea minerals and named the line Arianna have the doctor who treated her when she was sick.

BITB spoke with Miri about her courageous journey battling cancer, the motivation behind Arianna Skincare and how she keeps her complexion glowing.


1. Tell us why you created Arianna Skincare. What was your motivation?

My vision was to create a natural skincare line featuring beneficial ingredients from the Dead Sea that could help people, specifically with low immune systems because they have very sensitive skin, or those who suffer from skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, acne, dry skin, etc. This comes from my own personal experience being diagnosed with cancer and having experienced extremely irritated skin and eczema after chemotherapy treatments. That’s when I discovered the amazing healing benefits of Dead Sea minerals and how my idea for creating Arianna Skincare was started. My second motivation for creating Arianna Skincare is to encourage others to make a change in their lives to take care of themselves to feel good about themselves and to overcome their obstacles, just like I did.

2. What are a few amazing moments, challenges, etc. you experienced during your journey of starting your own skincare line?

When the products first arrived and Arianna Skincare was launched, it was a dream come true. It was a long and difficult process to create these products in Israel and to bring them over here to the US so when it all finally came together it was very exciting. Also when we opened our second store in New York City, we got so much support from the community; I really felt like I was on the right path and doing the right thing based on all of the support and feedback I was getting. More recently, I am very honored to be recognized as a “Survivor Honoree” at the American Cancer Society’s 12th Annual Taste of Hope (Tasteofhopenyc.org) event and fundraiser on May 9th. For me this is a very big honor and I am so excited to help raise money and awareness.

One challenge that I am constantly facing is to always make sure customers are satisfied. We have all sorts of people come into our store or buy products online with skin problems ranging from eczema, psoriasis, acne, discoloration, aging, etc. or people who feel insecure, and it’s our job to help make them feel better and find the products that are going to make a difference. To see customers after three months who have been using Arianna Skincare products, are happy with the results and feel confident and better about themselves, that to me is the best part of this job and is incredibly rewarding.

3. Summer is around the corner. What do you do/use to keep your complexion healthy throughout the warmer months?

First and foremost I always use sunscreen with SPF in the morning every day. I also drink a lot of water, before I start my day every morning I drink two cups of water with a squeeze of lemon. My daily beauty routine includes using Arianna Skincare’s Active Antioxidant Vitamin C Serum followed by the Skin Balance Revitalizing Gel Cream. This daily moisturizer has a water base and is very light, perfect for the hot summer months. Once a week I do a full body exfoliating treatment to help clean and detoxify skin. For my face, I use Arianna Skincare’s Skin Renewal Facial Peel and on my body, I was the Ultra Exfoliating Body Treatment.

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