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08-21-11 | Posted by

Beauty Guru Michael Fredo

“I see creativity in every aspect of my life,” says this week’s beauty guru, Michael Fredo, a singer-songwriter and now salon owner of The Michael Fredo Salon in New York City’s Upper East Side. Celebrating its grand opening in September 2011, the venue is NYC’s first theatrically-inspired salon. Not only does it offer a full range of hair and makeup services, but it features the gentle tinkerings and vocalizations of Michael himself. In many ways creativity is a birthright of Michael, who is the nephew of fashion force Tommy Hilfiger. “I’m very excited to translate my vision of beauty and elegance to The Michel Fredo Salon,” he says. Backed by a team of talented stylists, you can find Michael giving live musical performances every hour for his salon clients. Read on to learn how this unusual pairing of beauty and music came to be.


What made you decide to open your salon after a successful pop career?

I decided to open a salon because I have always been intrigued by the beauty business.  I also wanted a daytime spot to perform!  So, now I perform every hour on the hour for my clients.  I have my piano and microphone there alongside my talented team of stylists.

What are your favorite style tips?

Don’t be afraid to try a new look. I always tell my clients what I think they should do differently.  Most of them take my advice and end up liking the end result.  I also match clients up with the stylist I think will best suit them.  I also think it’s really good to skip a day or two from shampooing your hair.  The hair has natural oils that are important to protect it from the elements.  I offer a free Moroccan Oil Masque for the hair once a week at the salon.  It’s relaxing for the client and it’s great for the hair to get a deep condition once a week. The best tip I can give though, is to always try and use organic and or non-abrasive alternatives when coloring or straightening.  We have formaldehyde free smoothing and straightening treatments and also ammonia free color (INOA by L’Oreal) at the salon, and they are safer, healthier and overall better for my client’s hair.

What are your favorite hair products?

I’m a big fan of Pureology products, especially the thickening mist, which is alcohol-free.  Also, we’ve recently discovered a new line of hair products called Patrice.  They make a great sulfate-free shampoo called Luminescence.

What is unique about your salon?

My salon is the first to offer the hits with a haircut!  It’s New York’s only theatrical salon, where beauty and entertainment meet!  I was inspired by the Parisian style theater, and I perform on the piano every hour for guests while they receive top quality salon treatments.

What’s your favorite hair style to see on women?

I love long dark hair.  When a tan girl has her hair pulled back into a thick ponytail with a few subtle curls, I do a double take.

What kind of songs do you perform at your salon?

I play a lot of love songs ranging from covers to originals.  I also play bossa nova classics.  To be more specific, here’s an example of a typical set list:

– Close To You

– Beauty and The Beast

– Just The Way You Are

– Killing Me Softly

– I Will Survive

– Popstar Lovelife (original)

– Tango (original)

– Free (original)

– Baby I’m a Fool

– Don’t know Much

– Can You Feel The Love Tonight

– Endless Love

– Ruby Tuesday

– Hit Me Baby One More Time

– This Time Around (no more tears)

Does Tommy Hilfiger’s classic style influence your personal style?

Yes!  Tommy’s classic style definitely influences my personal style. For example, I wear a lot of white button downs with the sleeves rolled up.  This summer, I’ve been wearing a lot of bright colored bottoms like red pants or yellow shorts with white button down shirts or sporty polos.  I usually pair the look with boat shoes or driving moccasins.

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