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Dr. Deuber is highly respected in the Dallas, Texas community is well known as the compassionate doctor and skilled surgeon. He provides his patients with an alternative to the one-size-fits-all surgical approach. His skill, talent, and artistry enable him to achieve beautiful, customized results with quick recovery times. Patients who choose his cosmetic surgery practice discover the beneficial impact that a conscientious plastic surgeon can make on the surgical experience.

Dr. Mark Deuber is also a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Texas Society of Plastic Surgeons, the Texas Medical Association, the Dallas County Medical Society, and the American Medical Association.

He offers consultations to patients interested in a tummy tuck, breast augmentation, breast reduction, and other body contouring, facial rejuvenation, and breast enhancement plastic surgery procedures. Contact his office for a cosmetic evaluation!

BITB had the pleasure to sit down with Dr. Mark Deuber to discuss his passion for plastic surgery, his predictions for the future and the latest top trends in cosmetic surgery.


1. Can you tell us about your passion for your career? And about your reconstructive surgery practice.
We love operating and giving people a new story. It is extremely rewarding to help others and play such a large role in our patients’ various stories. They all have such different backgrounds, goals, and experiences, and I truly enjoy being a part of their journeys. From breast reconstruction to “Mommy Makeovers”, this career path has taken me everywhere- even overseas to complete mission work on underprivileged children who truly needed our help just to be able to live a normal life. Now, as we have solidified our practice path, I’m very blessed to own my own practice in Dallas, TX, where our patients can come and be seen by me and our team of other specialists. Our Lemmon Avenue Plastic Surgery and Laser Center is fully-equipped with everything one needs for the most efficient and long term age defying results and ultimate cosmetic outcomes.

2. Please tell us about the top trends in cosmetic surgery of the moment? What do you see trending, and what are patients asking for most frequently?
Well, right now, the biggest trends in the industry are honestly pretty silly. In my opinion, features look best when they’re not overdone. Over-the-top enhancements to lips and breasts and butts are trendy right now, but they’re exactly that: trends. Trends in every industry both come in hot and go away just as quickly. This is why my aesthetic focus is and has always been natural-looking styles.

Patients most often ask us to help take care of things that they didn’t realize was going to affect their bodies long term. For example, moms always want their bodies fixed after having children. The joy of childbirth is real! I’ve seen it in person, but I’ve also seen those same women in consultations years later, asking why their kids wrecked their bodies. It’s not a total wreck by any means, but things do change! This is why I get so many requests for our “Mommy Makeover”. This specific set of procedures has become very popular in the last decade. Moms love their kids, but they don’t necessarily like the effect that pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding have had on their bodies. Invariably, there are unwelcome changes to their bellies and the breasts. Many of my plastic surgery patients in Dallas are moms seeking to restore both of these areas to a more youthful, pre-childbearing appearance.

One of the most popular procedures we perform is our 24-hour recovery breast augmentation. Achieving this type of recovery experience for our patients is no accident; from patient education and preoperative planning for proper implant sizing, to precise surgical techniques to minimize tissue trauma, optimal intraoperative anesthesia and post operative management with no narcotics, to early range of motion exercises beginning on the day of surgery. We are now using these same principals in virtually all of the surgeries we perform to optimize the recovery experience and minimize downtime for as many of our patients as possible!

Another popular request that we get is related to skincare and damaging effects from the sun and general aging. Both men and women alike want to treat their sun-damaged skin. They want to fix all the things that we all messed up before science told us that baking ourselves in the sun was wrong! This is where our laser center comes into play. With the latest in laser technology, we are able to combine our surgical and non-surgical procedures for our patients to provide them with the best options available all under one roof- Our trifecta, as we like to call it! In our laser center, we are able to address everything from wrinkles, lines, enlarged pores, pigment issues (such as melasma), vascular irregularities, skin resurfacing, deep collagen stimulation, and more! Even procedures as basic as tattoo removal are elevated when done by our team with the state of the art PiCo4 laser. We are a medical-grade surgical and laser facility run by doctors and specialists trained in their fields for years to become the best. This is what we want for our patients, both new and old to remember.

3. What are your predictions for the future of surgical and non-surgical treatments for the body? What is coming next, what has lost popularity?
I believe the future advances are going to come on several different fronts: There has been an explosion in less invasive/less downtime treatments. With lasers, for example, specialists in our industry used to perform these very intense treatments with a lot of thermal injury and collateral damage that involved significant downtime; today we can achieve comparable and even better results with highly targeted and multi modality therapies, with much less downtime. This trend will continue with the development of newer technologies as well as continued fine tuning of existing ones. People like when things sound new, but sometimes more conventional procedures are better when it comes to permanent changes to your body.

On the surgical front, I believe there will be a return to natural aesthetics that you can live with forever. The true beauty is in the human body. Trends are exactly that- trends. They will eventually go away, but what will last forever is the human body- the natural human body, and we like to help create natural looks that compliment the natural form and make people feel like their best selves. This starts on the inside with each individual, and we just help with the outside! You should both look and feel amazing, and that’s what we want to give every patient- the opportunity to look the way that they want AS naturally as possible. No one wants to look like they just jumped into a magic machine- you simply want to look like YOU.

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