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How does a corporate lawyer transform into a beauty product developer, founding the ReVersital skincare brand? Margaux Levy, a former attorney for music giants RCA and Polygram, tells us she got “hooked” on product development while serving as counsel for the World Wrestling Federation and helping clients navigate their way through the Home Shopping Network. At the WWF, she learned about product brands, then, while representing several clients who had deals with HSN, she learned about navigating the minefield of promoting products on national television.

Margaux admits she’s a girly girl who loves to lounge in buttermilk baths before getting all dolled up to go out on the town, so she felt confident that a skincare line would suit her the best. The final piece of the puzzle fell into place when she helped develop the Accelerated Recovery Skincare Kit for Dr. Christopher Calapai. 

It was the “perfect storm” of elements that gave her the confidence to launch her own line of products, including the ReVersital Microderma Stick.


Tell us the best way to bring an idea or concept to reality, including packaging and sales.

Branding is more important than I can stress here. Look at Nike. You just see their logo and you know the company. It’s the same with a product line. For me, I’m always drawn to red, a power color. Or you can use a catchy, highly visible design. Every time you see an aqua box you think of Tiffany’s. So give it a lot of thought and work with a graphics designer. Once you’re ready to market your product, you must tap into social media big time. You can reach thousands of people instantly with tweets and Facebook. I also strongly urge women to get on any of the home shopping shows. Don’t take no for an answer. You can do a tremendous volume and that means repeat customers for your next product.

What was your inspiration to invent ReVersital Microderma Stick?

I wanted to create a product that simplified the skincare regime. ReVersital does that. It’s three products in one: a cleanser, microdermabrasion and a moisturizer, all contained in a simple, self-contained portable dial-up stick. What could be easier? Results, with no mess, no fuss, and easy to travel with.

What makes this product different and why should women want to use it?

This product encourages simplicity and efficiency since time is at a premium for most of us. Even more important, it makes your skin look amazing. Microdermabrasion is the key to enhancing collagen production. When you use ReVersital three times a week, you can see the skin look more vibrant and feel your skin becoming healthier. ReVersital has been proven to help to eliminate dead skin, bacteria, uneven skin tone and spots due to age and sun. You simply look more youthful, which means you can reduce the amount of makeup you wear. It’s a win-win.

What about the five-year business plans experts are always talking about?

Since we’ve all been challenged with the economy, it’s important to have what I call a “flex-plan” that takes into account the economic challenges of the time. Typically, you don’t make money overnight. It usually takes five years to get your initial investment back. Or as some actors say, it’s taken 20 years to become an overnight sensation. My personal goal – and one that I advise others to do –is to build a team of experts and partners who are smarter than you are to come up with new and viable ideas. You can’t really be out there all by yourself, you need backup. It doesn’t have to be a man or a sugar daddy, but you do need investors.

As an attorney, what advice would you give to other women who want to patent and produce their own brand of skin products or cosmetics?

First, understand the market and trends. Find ethical formulators and marketing partners who understand your goals. Speak to the consumers you intend to sell to so that you know what the market lacks – instead of creating redundancy. Try to see the big picture. Hire a good lawyer and spend the money to protect your intellectual property. Most importantly, have a good handle on your budget and financial needs for at least two years. Work with people who have experience and can guide you.

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