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04-19-15 | Posted by

M. Steves is natural, results-driven skincare harnessing the knowledge, hard work, and passion of creator Mally Steves Chakola as passed down to her by generations before. A streamlined collection of anti-aging and skin regenerating solutions that helps to repair damage of the past, delivers instant glow in the present, and nurtures a youthful appearance for the future.


1. What was your inspiration for creating M. Steves Skincare?

Like other female innovators, I created M. Steves because I could not find what I was looking for. My great grandfather was an Ayurvedic doctor in India, and I grew up mixing Ayurvedic potions with my Indian grandmother to care for the skin and hair naturally. In America, I was also taught to believe that chemical actives were superior to naturals. Respecting both points of view, I searched for a skincare brand that was natural and results-driven. When I couldn’t find a solution, I decided to create M. Steves.

M. Steves is natural, anti-aging skincare designed to give you an instant glow. I tried to harness the know-how, hard work, and passion that was passed down to me by generations before to create a product that performed beautifully. Designed to be a streamlined collection of skin regenerating solutions that deliver instant glow and long-lasting anti-aging results, the M. Steves collection is powered by Rose Hip Seed Oil (RHSO).


2. What is so special about the range of essential oils you use in your products?

When I first discovered Rose Hip Seed Oil (RHSO) and used it for a few weeks, I had two significant personal transformations. First, I could no longer see a twenty-year-old keloid scar on my leg. It was an incredible transformation. Second, it evened my skin tone and created an instant glow on my face that garnered compliments from friends and family. After learning about what makes RHSO an amazing skin regenerating and anti-aging treatment (including its potent percentage of omega fatty acids, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatories), I decided that this was the perfect power-packed natural ingredient for my skincare line.


3. Which are your hero products – the ones you are most proud of?

Our hero product (and beauty editor favorite) is M. Steves Ultra-Nourishing Boost. It uses a proprietary formula that contains a significant amount of Rose Hip Seed Oil (RHSO). The Boost delivers an instant glow to the skin that leaves your complexion looking radiant, but never greasy, and it has powerful long-term anti-aging benefits too. It’s also very versatile; you can mix the Boost with almost any other beauty product to “boost” its benefits. My favorite ways to use are: 1. Mix a few drops of the Boost with my foundation to create a tinted moisturizer, 2. Mix with sunscreen to eliminate the white chalky look, 3. Add a few drops to your moisturizer for extra hydration.


4. Tell us more about the Turmeric Konjac Sponge?

The M. Steves Turmeric Konjac Sponge is a natural cleansing sponge made from Japanese vegetable root fibers and is infused with skin brightening Ayurvedic turmeric powder. The Konjac sponge creates extra lather from your cleanser and gently exfoliates your skin for extra cleansing power. I love that it’s eco-friendly too. When it’s time to replace your sponge (usually around 3 months of use) you can toss it into your compost bin!


5. What’s in your beauty bag – aside from M. Steves Skincare that is?

I always carry my favorite Tom Ford lipstick in Violet Fatale, Coola mineral sunscreen, W3LL People Narcissist foundation and concealer stick, Radius Floss Sachets and Kevyn Aucoin Candelight Powder.


6. What are your plans for expanding the range – what new products are on the horizon?

While we are always working on developing new products, customers keep asking for an eye product and we’re listening. Like all M. Steves products, everything is multi-tasking and designed to make the skin glow, so I am working on a product that’s more than your standard eye cream.




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