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Madeline Poole, New York City-based a-list editorial manicurist and designer was appointed Global Color Ambassador of Sally Hansen in January 2014 for good reason. Just check out her gorgeous work on Instagram, in magazines including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, InStyle and Interview or online at sites like TeenVogue.com, Refinery29 and The Coveteur. It will be as clear to you as it is to anyone who comes in contact with her handiwork, this lady brings the goods time and time and time again!

“I had never painted nails before five years ago—I would do my own, but I wasn’t aware that I was good at it. I was actually a painter; I did miniature painting, and painting restoration. My mom was a muralist and also did furniture painting, so I learned a lot of different techniques growing up and through work, which I could apply to nails. It’s basically the same thing, it’s just a different surface,” says Poole, who divvies up her time giving interviews, working on photo shoots, creating in her studio and traveling the world for Sally Hansen and meeting up with influential people.

She chatted with Beauty in the Bag about staying on trend, anti-aging hand tips and more:

1. What are the top 3 trends for nails right now? Purple in every shade, shiny metallics and gorgeous greens/teals. My favorites are Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel in Boho-A-GoGo, Miracle Gel in Mad Women and Miracle Gel in Fish-teal Braid.

2. What trends do we have to look forward to for holiday nails? Rich, deeply glamorous colors and ultra-luxurious textures are what I love for the holidays, and the trends this year are absolutely in that vein. Skewing away from the luxe classic red, I’m really loving burgundy – you can wear it for the holidays—and you can wear it for winter! It’s the ultimate color of this season.

3. What’s the best nail shape to have now? I like a little length – a few mm of free edge and a squoval soft rounded but not pointed edge.

4. What are you top anti-aging tips for nails and/or hands?

  • Try to keep away from gel manicures. The best alternative is a Sally Hansen Miracle Gel which has no damaging effects since it can be removed simply the same way you would remove a traditional nail varnish and it does not require UV lights to harden.
  • I like to make a homemade scrub for hands during the winter. I combine coconut oil, sugar, Sally Hansen Vitamin E oil (if you prefer to add a scent, add a few drops of an essential oil). Massage your hands with this exfoliating mixture for a few minutes. Wash and moisturize with Ultimate Shield Hand cream and apply a cuticle balm like Cuticle rehab.
  • Since you’ll be using darker polishes for the fall and holidays, you want to make sure you remove them correctly to prevent staining your skin or pushing pigment under your cuticles. soak cotton balls in nail polish remover and let them rest on your painted nails to loosen the polish. Then when you squeeze the cotton balls down and pull them off the nail, the majority of the polish should come off.

5. What are you most excited about in the nail world right now?  Negative space. This cool modern midpoint between nude nails and the statement manicure is here to stay. Incorporating the natural nail bed in nail art is great way to wear bright color without making an overstatement.

6. What do you recommend for the minimalist? Nude nails are perfect for the minimalist. But it doesn’t have to be boring – they could choose to go sheer or opaque. A sheer nude nail color can look really feminine and classic, while an opaque nude shade is slightly more graphic. Both look right this season-your choice is all about your personal look.

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